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Ambassador Muin


“Leadership is standing with your peoples,”

—(Madame) LeymahGb owe, 2010 Nobel Peace Winner from the Reader’s Digest (2012)

“It is Allah Who has created seven heavens and of the earth the like thereof (seven). His command descends between them (Heaven and earth that you know that Allah has power over all things and that Allah surrounds all in (His) knowledge), “—Holy Qur’an, 65:12


The Muslims 1, 438 years ago were already told in the Holy Qur’an that Allah has created the earth and seven like it, but the early Muslims did not understand what it meant. And they did not pay attention, unlike this generation who kept on exploring the vastness of the “outer regions”.Now the scientists are saying of what the Holy Qur’an had already informed the earlier followers of Islam, thousands of years ago.

Coincident? Definitely not! There are many verses in the Holy Qur’an which need exploring by our top scientists together with our Ulama, for the benefit of mankind, this generation, and the next.



Retired Judge Abdulmaid “Mike” Kiram-Muin, a true Zamboangueño, from a SamaBangingi Tribe, nurtured and raised in an obscure village called “Campo Muslim”, a Purokof Barangay Rio Hondo, this village was the site of the “Fraternal Embrace” of a Grand Mufti and an Archbishop of the city. This story will be told in the coming issue.

Just like his (Ambassador Muin) predecessors who had risen to become illustrious and noble sons of Islam in this city, this corner salutes with pride a childhood friend and brother when both of us where high school students at the “old” Zamboanga City High School at Pettit Barracks.

But the Retired Judge, now Ambassador Muin, transferred to Southern City Colleges and finished his high school thereat.

While this writer remained at the Zamboanga City High School until he finished his high school in 1963.


The Senior Leaders who many of us consider as Illustrious for they lead a life in the community with exemplary character which the produced mentored “noble sons” of Islam to this day. Here are our listing of Illustrious Leaders lead by the:

- Grand Mufti, His Eminence UstadzAbdulganiYusop, 1998 Peace Weaver Awardee (Posthumous) and 2016 Golden Ali Awardee (Posthumous)

- Hadji Yasin Sakaluran, former City Councilor, Traditional Leader, a Safe Refuge for many Muslims in the “Dark Days of Martial Law”

- Panglima Mohammad “Oloh” Biri, Founder of Campo Muslim, one of the builders of the present Mosque which still stands despite calamities which had befallen the community, 2012 Peaceweaver Awardee (Posthumous)

- Hadji Hamid Camlian, one time Technical Assistant to the City Mayor on Muslim Affairs, Pilgrimage Sheik for many years until his passing, which lead many Muslims Sheiks to follow in his footsteps with great sacrifices, to help their fellow Muslims fulfill the final Pillar of Islam. (The Hajj)


- HE Abdulmaid (Mike) Kiram-Muin, retired Judge, Ambassador to the Republic of Timor Leste

- Hon. Hadji Sali Wali, Al-Hj, former LTP Chairman, Autonomous Region 09

- Hon. Datu Amilussin A. Jumaani, Al-Hj. former Assemblyman (Region 9), retired professor at WMSU, 2004 Peaceweaver Awardee (Posthumous)

- Hadji Abdullah Camlian, former OMA Executive Director, former member Bangsamoro Transition Commission of the MILF Peace Panel

- Hadji Ahmad W. Sakaluran, Traditional Leader, Peace Advocate, highly respected by the Muslim community, a model of a good businessman, 2010 Peaceweaver Awardee (Posthumous), 2016 Golden Ali Awardee (posthumous)

- Hadji Bahari Camlian, former City Councilor (appointed), retired Regional Director (OMA), former Barangay Chair (Rio Hondo)

- Engr. Aldrin Bucoy-Abdurahim, COE, President ABA Training Inc., former Student Regent (WMSU), Sec.-General Golden Crescent Consortium of Peace Builders and Affiliates, former Executive Coordinator, Interreligious Solidarity for Peace (ISP)

- Former Congressman, now Vice Governor of Sultan Kudarat Province, Hon. Raden Camlian-Sakalura

- Hon. Tungkuh B. Hanapi, IP Mandatory Representative (IPMR) in the Legislative Council (Sangguniang Panlungsod), Zamboanga City

The listing, my dear readers, which I pause for a while, will continue to search for the “noble sons of Islam” of Campo Muslim who are worthy of our admiration and pride. I miss some “noble sons/daughters” of Islam, please communicate to this writer CP No. 0997289425

In our next listing for the coming issue of the “noble sons of Islam” “from Campo Muslim Village” who are non-Sama Bangingi, but have lead exemplary lives, to be emulated by the next generations will also be featured, Insha Allah.

Watch for it.



The Awards Nights was held at the Azotea Roofdeck of Garden Orchid Hotel, this city, last November 27, 2016, during the Week of Peace Celebration.

The posthumous awardee gave his life in the name of peace and harmony in our city, thus, this Award was bestowed upon the late Maximo Ramillano in his memory, Bottomlime is proud to include in this issue, his Citation which was read during the Awards Night, and we share this citation to our dear readers.The Citations reads:

It was in the mid-2000s when we came to know of a humble farmer who courageously and intelligently pushed for the rights of farmers.   Before various government offices like the Department of Agriculture and the Office of the City Agriculturist, we turned to him to serve as the spokesman of farmers, reminding our authorities of our farmers’ entitlements, among others the budgets that were meant for agriculture and poverty reduction.  In time, we learned that this was the farmers’ representative to the Regional Anti-Poverty Council.

Our honoree was the “poste”   who could walk up to the Regional Director and ask questions of visiting authorities in agriculture.  Manong Max, as we called him, was simply interested in virtually anything and everything that would improve the lot of his farmer colleagues and his community.  Thus, he was a constant presence in stakeholder consultations and in forums for partnership building, and an avid student and sharer of learning’s in various topics of farmers’ concerns like the…

Organic Vegetable Production

Vermiculture Production

Production of Quality Coconut, Cacao, and Palay planting materials.

Basic sector participation in barangay Governance

Peacebuilding, Peace and Ecology awareness

Integrated social Empowerment  for the marginalized communities.

In time, he developed a wholistic perspective of peace, farmers’ empowerment and care for the environment which we found valuable in the mobilization of farmers.  He was key in the development of eighteen (18) farmers associations in the east coast, even as he led farmers from the far barangay of Lamisahan.

It is unfortunate that he is no longer with us physically, but is in spirit.  In his absence, his memory has become the inspiration for the consistent involvement of his farmer colleagues in the empowerment of the basic sectors towards poverty reduction.   Foremost of this is the recent designation of a colleague as Chair of the District Agriculture and Fishery Council who has been in dialogue with the Secretary of Agriculture.  Through Manong Max’s example, the farmers are following suit.  They now press for claims on water, on farm-to-market roads, on certified seeds, on crop insurance, on bottom up budgeting towards poverty reduction projects involving partnerships with government, farmers, and civil society groups.  Much remains to be done.  But it is people like Manong Max who have taken the first step.

With much pride, therefore, we recognize Mr. Max Ramillano – farmer - as Peace Weaver for 2016.  (By Ali T. Yacub) ###

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