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Zamboanga City stands still as Duterte arrives

If the basis for winning the Presidential elections on May 9 will be the reaction of the Zamboangueños whenever a candidate visits the City, then Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will surely be the next President of the republic. Downtown Zamboanga stood still late yesterday afternoon when the motorcade of Duterte passed by the different major streets in the city. Thousands of supporters crowded the sidewalks including the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of the leading Presidential candidat [ ... ]

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Vehicle of radioman sprayed with bullets

Unidentified motorcycle riding-in-tandem gunmen riddled with bullets the vehicle of a radio announcer while parked outside the radio station at Barangay Ramon Magsaysay, Sindangan Municipality, Zamboanga del Norte (ZDN), yesterday morning. A report reaching Zamboanga Today showed that a color black Isuzu crosswind bearing license plate number YAG-627, registered to Rogelio Carbo y Damandaman, 52, married, a media practitioner and a resident of B [ ... ]

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Mama Tacia’s 102nd birthday
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In  thanksgiving to God for the many tears He bestowed on her, the PANTALEON family of GUISAO tendered a Thanksgiving party in honor of  their mother Mrs. ANASTACIA DE LA CRUZ VDA. DE PANTALEON last April 28, 201  on the occasion of her 102nd birthday.

Born 1914  Nora ANASTACIA who is Mama TACIA to her children, grand- children and nieces is th [ ... ]


Candidates, time to show your worth

These few days are the last stretch of the campaign period into election day. Most if not all voters have already decided or chosen whom to vote and no amount of "black propaganda" or "demolition job" will change those beliefs and decisions except for the few voters who are "fickle minded" and weak in character that can be swayed to change their vote in "midstream". Except also, the corrupt voters, who sell their votes wantonly and deliberately. But summing up the number of "fickle minded" and " [ ... ]

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Cess Dianne Daung is Miss Silka Zamboanga Grand Winner
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Who said that Friday the 13th is a bad sign? Well,not for this P.Y.T. (pretty young thing) lady Cess Dianne  Daung who vested 13 equally lovely and really amazing ladies for the city-wide Miss Silka Zamboanga 2015. 1st runner up is Karen Andalar, while Merrychan Saman and Nicole Pacquing are 2nd and 3rd runner up respectively. Miss Daung also bagged the Best in swimwear award and MIss Silka voter [ ... ]

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Before the closing of the day,
Creator, we Thee humbly pray,
That, for Thy wonted mercy's sake,
Thou us under protection take.
May nothing in our minds excite
Vain dreams and phantoms of the night;
Our enemies repress, that so
Our bodies no uncleanness know.
In this, most gracious Father, hear,
With [ ... ]

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