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Lobregat: Fabian was not junked


Mayor Celso Lobregat clarified yesterday that Congressman Erbie Fabian was not junked when he was not chosen to run for Mayor under the group of the present administration.

Lobregat said that during their meeting last week, he simply presented to both Fabian and District I Congresswoman Beng Climaco the assessment that based on their survey and consultation, Beng enjoys the support of a vast majority. 

Quoting a newspaper report that came out on March 12, 2012 written by Mr. Bob Jaldon, entitled, “In the spirit of friendship, Fabian thinking of retirement”, the Mayor said Fabian already made it clear that if Beng Climaco will run for Mayor, he is ready to make a sacrifice and not run for Mayor in 2013 for the sake of friendship.

In the said news article, when faced with the scenario of having to go against Beng Climaco for Mayor, Fabian said, “I cannot accept this arrangement. I cannot sacrifice true friendship for politics. We’ve been together in so many political battles. Fighting against each other and breaking the team work and unity made so pronounced by the late Maria Clara Lobregat is totally unacceptable to me.”

The article continued stating that Fabian said that he might as well retire from politics to preserve his friendship with the Lobregats and Climacos and concentrate on his family life.

Accordingly, Fabian said that he has consulted with his wife, relatives, friends and supporters, “They are in agreement that this is the best possible move to preserve the dignity of a person – putting friendship above everything else. But this is not to say that I am running away from a good fight.”
Lobregat said Fabian’s declaration was done voluntarily even before they had a chance to discuss the matter of who will run for what position. “Nway pa gane kame man meeting he was already thinking of retirement.” The mayor said.

He added, “Those words came from Erbie himself. . .and he has been saying he will run, he will not run, he will run, he will not run . . . all these things should be taken into consideration.”

Aside from the statements of Fabian on retirement and putting friendship on top of politics, the Mayor also said that their group has to be prepared for the entry of former Congressman Nonong Jalosjos who already declared that he will run for mayor in Zamboanga City.

The Mayor said their survey indicates that Climaco is the best mayoralty candidate to represent their group and fight Jalosjos in the polls next year.
Lobregat said after their meeting, Fabian even thanked him for being so candid about the matter. “He told us that he still has until October to decide and that he will continue with his consultations.”

Climaco is still silent on the issue. Sources said that Beng will also conduct her own consultation especially with her family before deciding on the matter.

by Hader Glang

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+1 #2 Marl 2012-05-09 18:59
Years ago, the city councilors and the two representatives refused to move and create a third congressional district for Zamboanga. Now Climaco is being eased out of her district by Mayor Lobregat who wants her position in Congress. Fabian is left with no bargaining power or a bailwick because another lobregat wants to occupy his seat in Congress. The councilors who are serving their last term wont have any other options but to get out of politics because there are no more political positions for them in Zamboanga.The mayor and his brother have outsmarted all naive politicians in Zamboanga.
0 #1 Mario 2012-05-09 09:34
Be careful what you wish for, because it might come true. Ervie, got his wish, thanks to Celso for affirming his desire to retire at least temporarily. it's the best moved. You deserved it to unwind, your family deserved it, more time to spent with them, Your friendship and political unity with the dream team maintained. Come 2016 you will be vigor and stronger than ever. Aside from the fact that the city is in a good hand under the strong proven leadership of Beng climaco. Beng climaco, is the best candidate for mayor for the city of Zamboanga, considering her political influence in the region and national level. She could bring much needed progress and development. And it would be good for her to have political executive expirienced. It's more challenging than legislative expirienced. If the good citizen of Zamboanga are intelligent enough they will vote for Beng Climaco for mayor. Good luck.

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