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Agan predicts 8-0 political record for Mayor Beng after 2019


District II Councilor and vice mayoralty aspirant Atty. Rommel Agan yesterday predicted that Mayor Beng Climaco will definitely have an 8-0 political career record after the 2019 elections, stressing that the popular lady mayor enjoys an overwhelming support from the various sectors in Zamboanga City's 98 barangays.

“It is my prediction that Mayor Beng is set to have an 8-0 record after the 2019 local elections. At present, our popular mayor has 7 wins and no loss in her political record. Her first winning was as councilor in 1998, with local voters overwhelmingly voted her to serve in the City Council,” Agan stressed during the Team Climaco press conference at the Grand Astoria Hotel on Wednesday.

Agan said that with Climaco’s impressive wins starting from the City Council up to the House of Representatives  and twice as city mayor, he firmly believes that Mayor Beng shall again be reelected as the city’s chief executive.

Agan, who is a third-termer councilor and now the running mate of Mayor Beng, revealed that as per the conduct of their visitations and consultations in the barangays, they are elated to be consistently receiving warm reception and support from barangay officials, tanods, barangay health workers, barangay nutrition scholars and day care workers.

“The warm reception and the manifestation of unending support from the barangay officials and frontline workers in the barangay level is a clear indication that the popular mayor will undoubtedly get reelected again come 2019 elections. All of us in the Team Climaco are elated and grateful to the support and commitment being given to us by our constituents, whether in the east coast or west coast,” Agan stressed.

Meanwhile, the vice mayoralty aspirant disclosed that starting next year, the honorarium of the frontline workers in the barangay such as the barangay health workers, barangay nutrition scholars, day care workers and barangay intelligence networks shall be doubled from its current P1,000 allowance to P2,000.

“This is one sure way of manifesting our recognition to the hardwork and dedication of our frontline barangay workers serving the community. It’s hightime that their meager allowances shall be doubled,” Agan, who chairs the appropriations committee in the City Council, stressed.

He emphasized that the 2019 Annual Executive Budget of the City Government of Zamboanga prioritizes the budget allocation for the basic social services, which he termed as “always pro-poor and pro-development” for our beloved city of Zamboanga.

Agan said that Team Climaco is confident that the local electorate fully  knows that the city is in the right tract under the leadership of Mayor Beng Climaco. (Jem)

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