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City Hall coping with traffic woes, solutions


The City Government of Zamboanga has been continually coping with the traffic problems and finding solutions, both short and long terms, according to City Administrator Apple Go.

Right now, Go said, short term or non-structural solutions are being undertaken for traffic management such as augmenting the number of “blue boys” manning traffic in most intersections and bottlenecks.

In terms of long or structural solutions top traffic problems, Go cited the need for opening new roads, considering that Zamboanga, being one of the oldest cities, has the oldest roads as well.

Most of the roads are so narrow.

However, she said road widening is not possible within the central business district.

“So, there is a need to decongest the city and we have planned city extension, where we are bringing the government services closer to the people by establishing the City Hall in the west and soon City Hall in the east,” Go said during the press briefing last Monday.

She explained that establishing City Hall in the east and west coasts of the city will not only decongest services but most especially traffic as well.-(Vic Larato)

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