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Arabic teacher shot dead by riding-in-tandem


An Arabic teacher was brutally shot dead while his daughter escaped unhurt after they were shot by two unidentified riding-in-tandem assailants at Talon-Talon Loop, Barangay Talon-Talon, this city on Tuesday night.

The fatality was identified as Ibrahim Baguinda y Bakil, 34, married, of Masjid Abubakar, Talon-Talon.

He suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the different parts of the body and died on the spot.

Initial investigation conducted showed that at about 10 p.m. of Tuesday Baguinda was driving his color yellow Honda XRM bearing plate number JA 88316 together with his daughter, Nushran Baguinda, a minor, heading towards the direction of Barangay Tetuan.

Police said that upon reaching near Cecile’s Pharmacy the suspects on board a motorcycle wearing full faced-helmet, black mask and black and who were tailing them from behind suddenly shot Baguinda repeteadly.

The victim lost balance of his motorcyle causing him and his daughter to fall on the concrete pavement of the road particularly in front of Ellyse Store in Talon-Talon Loop.

Not contented, police said, the gunman alighted from the motorcycle and approached Baguinda then shot him again several time before fleeing towards the main road of Talon-Talon.

Recovered at the crime scene were 24 spent shells of 9mm Caliber Pistol and the victim’s driven motorcycle.

Police Station 6 is still conducting further investigation to identify the perpetrators and the possible motive of the shooting. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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