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Alavar questions plan to purchase expensive drone


The City Council recently approved the request of the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office to purchase an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) costing to P1 million.

Councilor Mike Alavar, however, questioned the move saying that the drone is very expensive.

He added that there are good quality drones that only cost a little over  P250,000.

Alavar said majority of councilors approved the purchase based only on the strong request of CDRRMO Chief   Elmer Apolinario that the drone is very much needed to help them monitor places in cases of calamity and monitor traffic in city streets.

"Hinde man todo el dia tiene calamidad y si man monitor traffic, nuay man aquel cosa puede hace. Mas bueno omenta traffic aides cay puede aquel ayuda resolve trafico," Alavar explained.

He said the CDRRMO is always requesting purchases that are very expensive like the mobile clinic, towing truck and now the drone.

"Otro maga LGUs ta precura compra aquel poco barato equipo pero de qualidad. Aqui canaton quiere sila compra aquel bien caro gayot," Alavar said.

"Puede ba se usa na search and rescue? Quemodo de lejos ese ay puede bula? El life span del battery y cuanto mega pixel el camera? Ultimo hora cuantos dias lang ta usa adentro ya lang se del aparador," Alavar said.

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