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Bellas y Flores fest set May 26


Local designers will once again compete for the top spot in the annual Bellas y Flores competition on May 26, Saturday, at Paseo del Mar.

In celebration of the Flores de Mayo, the Festival de las Bellas y Flores is a design competition for the most beautiful gowns, the prettiest señoritas, and best designed arcos in keeping with this year’s theme of “Philippine Festival”.

In line with the theme, each entry will represent a unique festival in the country, and incorporate elements of it in their design.

The Bellas y Flores will kickoff with a parade on May 26 at 4 PM, from City Fire Station to Paseo del Mar, where the final judging and awarding will be held.

One of the most awaited activities for summer, the Bellas y Flores festival pays homage to the Santacruzan tradition, and showcases the talents of upcoming and established Zamboangueño designers.

The festival will also be the culminating activity of the two-month long summer festival in the city. (Jasmine Mohammadsali/PR)

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