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Ignacio orders ‘Oplan Galugad’ in all police station detention cells


City Police Director Sr. Supt. Neri Vincent Ignacio yesterday ordered all police station commanders to regularly conduct Oplan Galugad in their respective detention cells.

Ignacio said the reason why some inmates were able to escape from their detention cells was due to the laxity of personnel who are supposed to guard the detainees and also monitors the visitors who come to visit their kin.

“How come some inmates were able to cut the steel bars of their cells with the use of hacksaw blades. Where did it came from? Hindi ba sa maga bisita,” Ignacio emphasized.

Galugad is the Pilipino term for “search.”

Ignacio was strict in his order for all precinct commanders to “search every nook and cranny or all the corners of the cells for bladed weapons, hacksaw blade, nails, nail cutters, screw drivers, cellphones, shabu and other things the inmates could use to escape or hurt each other.”

Ignacio also called the police to search the bags of visitors and also to inspect the containers of foods being handed to the inmates by their relatives during their visits.

“Baka may tinatago iyan sila at may pinapasok sa loob ng mga containers ng pagkain,” Ignacio said.

The police chief said that routinary check up and inspection should be carried out on a daily basis.

He even advised  police personnel not to trust those who come and visit their relatives in the detention cell for obvious security reasons.

“And if something bad happens they could even face administrative charges,” he pointed out. (Nonong Santiago)

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