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Man found dead along road


A man who was suffering from a lingering illness was recovered dead along the road in Purok 9, Sitio Tabuk, Barangay Bolong, this city, last Friday.

Police identified the fatality as Wilhermino Salazar y Peder, 57, married and a resident of Zone 5, Barangay Victoria, this city.

Report disclosed Wilhremino was seen lying lifeless on the road in supine position with bloods coming out from his mouth.

An ocular probe was conducted by the personnel of Police Station 3 under Chief Inspector Chester Natividad where local residents claimed that the victim suddenly stopped his driven motorcycle then disembarked from it.

Probers said that the people saw the victim wobbly walking away until he suddenly collapsed and fell on the ground.

Emergency medical response team arrived at the scene to provider necessary first aid assistance  only to find out that he was already dead.

Police believed that the victim was suffering from severe disease  which could have caused his demise.

The body of the victim was claimed by the family and brought to St. Peter Funeral Parlor for the post mortem examination.

The police are still widening the scope of their investigation to determine the exact cause of his death and to determine if there was a possible foul-play in the incident. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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