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Teacher may face case for FB posts


The Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO) is planning to file a case against a teacher who posted pictures of an incident that transpired last September 30 along R.T. Lim boulevard that went viral on social media.

A DepEd teacher, Rosheri Gumotud Lumpapac, posted the pictures in her facebook account last October 5 allegedly maligning the police officers for apprehending Eduardo Serino who later ended up dead.

In an interview with Acting City Police Director, SSupt. Neri Ignacio, he said that the Facebook post was intended to defame and tarnish the image of the Zamboanga City Police Office and the police officers.

Lumpapac posted pictures on her Facebook account about the incident that transpired at the boulevard during the opening of the Smoke out Grill where police officers assigned in the area arrested Eduardo Serino who resisted the police officers from inspecting his bag pack then went berserk.

Lumpapac also described how the police officers subdued Serino and his appearance in his coffin full of bruises and wounds.

In a press conference, Ignacio denied that the police maltreated the victim that resulted to his death.

“Hindi ho namin binugbog”, Ignacio said.

He further added that there are witnesses to the incident that could attest what truly happened to Serino.

In same interview, Ignacio advised Lumpapac to seek the authorities’ statement before posting the pictures and posts on Facebook because it affects the morale of his men adding that the policemen are innocent on all the accusations thrown at them.

The ZCPO is now coordinating with the Department of Education for a dialogue on the matter.

Ignacio said, “She should be a good model because she is a teacher. A good example to the youth and the students. Our office is always open to discuss matters such as this not only to post it in the social media”.

“We are coordinating with DepEd and discuss about it. If there is a violation, then we will file charges against her”, Ignacio added.

The said post has reached over 50,000 shares and more than 25,179 comments. (Kikay Dongallo)

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