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Police arrest six men for gang rape


Six men accused of gangrape were arrested by personnel of Police Station 6 led by Superintendent Nonito Asdai in downtown Zamboanga City, yesterday.

Police report received by Zamboanga Today disclosed that the victim, Kate (not her true name), 20, single, is a daughter of a driver and a resident of Barangay Tetuan.

Police disclosed that at about 4:00 a.m. yesterday, the victim personally went to the police station and filed a rape complaint against the suspects.

The victim averred that the incident took place at SAM’s Condominium in Tripplet, Barangay Canelar, this city.

According to the police report, the victim was invited by her friend, one of the suspects, for a drinking spree.They both proceeded at the said condominium where the rest of the suspects were already waiting.

The victim said, it was there where the suspects took turns in raping her.

After the incident, the suspects hurriedly escaped towards different direction butwere later arrested in different locations in Canelar.

The suspects were conducted to the police station and identified as Totong Lumatang y Santakan, 23, single; Al-Gabra Diego y Marail, 20, single; Al-Kaver Misuari y Omandac, 26, single; Jomal Marali y Madjalis, 23, single; Hamid Pallong y Lasa, 27, single and Almonar Buyok y Amat, 23, single, all native of Maluso Municipality, Basilan Province.

All suspects were detained at the police station pending the filing of a case for violation of R.A. 8353, the amended Anti-Rape Law of 1997. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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