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New release scheme targets 200 driver’s licenses daily


The City Administrator’s Office is targeting the release of at least 200 driver’s licenses each day as it introduced a new cluster scheme to hasten and streamline its release procedures.

City Administrator Apple Go disclosed that confiscated licenses will now be filed and released according to four clusters assigned to specific traffic authorities and enforcement agencies.

Under the new system, licenses confiscated from apprehensions made by personnel from police stations 1 to 7, and the Public Safety Battalion will be cast under Cluster 1.

Cluster 2 will cover licenses seized by police station 8 to 10, and the CMO Blue Boys, and Cluster 3 for the Traffic Management Task Group, and the City Hall Compac.

Cluster 4 will cover police station 11, the TAC, and Western and Eastern Police District.

“With this new scheme we are targeting at least 200 drivers licenses to be released daily compared to the previous average, which was close to 100,” Go said on Monday.

Driver’s licenses are also being arranged in alphabetical order for speedy releasing.

Based on their data, the City Administrator’s Office received 1,150 and released 850 driver’s licenses for the period of May 8 to 12.

The new release set-up was introduced to address the long queues at City Hall, following the firm directive of Mayor Beng Climaco to streamline the releasing procedures.

Go said they have resolved the problems and glitches caused by the transition from the old release system to the new scheme.

For the month of April, a total of 391 violators were apprehended for various traffic offenses, with a total estimated revenue of Php 117,800.00.

Disregarding traffic lights and signs registered the largest number of violations with 154 apprehensions, followed by turning left on no left turn zone with 60, and the back ride with no helmet with 57. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)

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