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Motorcycles destroyed by fire


A store selling motorcycles was robbed and 57 motorcycle units were intentionally burned by still unidentified suspects at Governor Camins Avenue, this city, yesterday dawn.

Zamboanga City District Fire Marshall, Chief Inspector Clint Cha said, a total of 28 brand new and 29 repossessed motorcycles were damaged during the fire at the Transcycle International.

Cha said, the fire incident reached 2nd alarm and was declared fire out 40 minutes after or at about 4:30 in the morning.

About P2,000,000 was the estimated cost of damages to property brought by the fire incident, Cha added.

A report reaching Zamboanga Today disclosed that the suspects destroyed a portion of a concrete wall at the back of the building to gain entry inside the establishment.

Allegedly, the burglars attempted to open the safety vault of the store but failed. Before leaving the area, the suspects set the place on fire.

Authorities are now conducting a deeper investigation to identify the suspects. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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