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Female fetus found


By Eugene Lasprilla

A female fetus was discovered along the riverbank in Sta Maria last Friday.

A group of children was said to be fishing in the river and decided to reach out for an ice cream container floating on the water.

The children were surprised upon finding the decomposing fetus inside the container.

A certain Ricardo Atilano y De Leon, 37 years old, reported the incident to police.

Police Station 7 Commander Chief Inspector Joseph Ortega believes that the ice cream container was flushed by running water towards the sea.

The fetus was more or less 7 months old and in a state of decomposition, based on an assessment by Sta Maria Health Center midwife Annabella Leyran.

The fetus was brought to a funeral parlor for proper disposition.

A deeper investigation was conducted by the Women and Children's Desk of the Police Station to establish the place of origin as well as the mother of the fetus.  (Eugene Lasprilla)

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