BIR bares printing companies allowed to print new receipts


As the deadline was extended for the printing of new receipts, the Bureau of Internal Revenue IX (BIR) Revenue District Officer revealed the list of 15 accredited printers in this city.

The 15 BIR accredited printers are Astoria Printing and Publishing, Ceejays Enterprises, U-Print Enterprises, Zamboanga Print and Papers Specialist, Golden Star Printing Press, Zamboanga William Printers Inc., Printex Printers Inc, Mekelles Enterprises, Ledres Press, New Alliance Press, Canelar Printing Press, MCL Xerox and Printing Center, Printline and Stationery Supply, Freedom Industries Inc, and Scrolls Printing Services.

BIR Revenue District Officer, Merlyn DV Vicente said, these accredited printers have qualified for the accreditation from the BIR in order for them to accept taxpayers applying for the new Authority to Print (ATP) which means that they will be allowed to print the new receipts.

Earlier, BIR Commissioner, Kim Henares extended the implementation on the use of the new receipts which was earlier scheduled on June 30 but now moved to August 30.

The old receipts does not have the printers accreditation number that already appears in the new receipts, a portion showing the sales to the senior citizen, and date of printing to validate the five year life span of the receipts which is five years from the date of printing.

Revenue Regulation No. 18-2012 requires taxpayers especially businessmen to secure new ATP (Authority to Print) and turnover all the old receipts to BIR for destruction.

However as of this time, after information dissemination, all applications for ATP beyond April 30 is imposable of P1,000 penalty.

She said, “We would like to remind all our taxpayers to be ready with the new sets of invoice effective August 31 in order to avoid paying the penalties for not using the prescribed receipts. We are also informing everyone that they need to surrender all old receipt ten days after the August 30 deadline for shredding to avoid the usage of those old receipts in the future.”

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