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Congresswoman-elect Lilia Nuño favors creation of 3rd district


By: R.G. Antonet Go

District 2 Congresswoman-Elect, Lilia Nuño reveals that she favors and is willing to file a bill in Congress for the creation of a third legislative district for Zamboanga City but with several conditions.

Nuño said in an interview, “We have to sit down and estudya kita embuenamente. That’s one good bill to be filed pero there are things we have to study carefully such as the redistricting of the barangays.”

According to Nuño, in other areas, when they have sufficient number, they immediately file a bill creating for additional legislative districts. With Zamboanga’s population of over 800,000, the congresswoman-elect believes that the city is already entitled to three districts.

She added that the creation of a third district will be a big help to the city especially when it comes to funding since the new district will receive the same funding as the two districts. Aside from this, she said that the congressmen will be able to really address the needs of his or her district since they have lesser number of barangays. In addition, projects will be better implemented, supervised, and monitored. “Bueno chene third district, that’s a very big help in terms of government services equally distributed, diyutay el area of responsibility, with a bigger funding allocation, and bonito el implementation del dituyu project supervision and monitoring.”

However, Nuño said, “Before we file, we have to consult. Man cuento gayot. This is not only a problem of district 2, this includes district 1. We have to study, hinde kita pwede planya solo solo. We have to consult our constituents, the Congressman in District 1, the mayor, and the officials of the city. If there are favorable recommendations, immediately I will file for the third district.”

Recall, Congresswoman and now Mayor-elect Beng Climaco already filed a bill for the creation of a third legislative district for Zamboanga City but it was vigorously opposed by Mayor, now Congressman-elect Celso Lobregat and District 2 Congressman Erbie Fabian did not support the bill of Climaco. As a result, the bill died a natural death.

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