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kicker: Mayor-elect Climaco-Salazar, Congressman-elect Lobregat, Vice Mayor-elect Iturralde, and 12 winning councilors also proclaimed


by Hader Glang

The City Board of Canvassers (BOC) proclaimed on Tuesday night congresswoman-elect incumbent Councilor Lilia Nuño of Fuerza Zamboanga in the May 13, 2013 election.

Although there were still uncanvassed votes from clustered precincts with 4,543 votes, however the number of uncanvassed votes has been deemed insignificant to affect the outcome of the congressional race in District 2 thus, the proclamation.

BOC chairman Jesus Alvin Lim said Nuño garnered 33,475 votes compared to her closest rival Joemar Lobregat’s 27,912 which came down to a difference of 5,563 votes.

“So the Board decided to proclaim Lilia Nuño as the duly elected congresswoman of District 2 with partial official votes,” the BOC chairman said.

The basis of the decision of the board of canvassers (BOCS) in the proclamation of winners was the recently passed en banc resolution of the Comelec that authorized BOCs to proclaim winners if the remaining uncanvassed election returns no longer affect the standing of the winners.

In an interview, Congresswoman-elect Nuño said she’s so happy with Monday’s election efforts and thanked her constituents, the people in District 2, for supporting her congressional bid.

“I have not slept yet but I am very happy and I would like to thank my constituents, especially my supporters and those who sacrificed and accompanied me during the campaign rain or shine. So I am very thankful to all of them,” Mrs. Nuño said.

Asked about his first priority, Nuño said: “First I will have to sit down with my constituents in the different barangays. So I will know what the priority of each barangay will be. We have to sit down. I will see what is really needed in the different barangays of my district and we will make our priority.”

Mayor-elect incumbent District 1 Congresswoman Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar with 172,439 votes; District 1 Congressman-elect incumbent Mayor Celso Lobregat with 42,826 votes; and Vice Mayor-elect incumbent Cesar Iturralde with 100,430 votes were also proclaimed.

The BOC also partially proclaimed the winning councilors that include Melchor Sadain (District 1), Gerky Valesco (District 1), Cesar Jimenez Jr. (District 1), Charlie Mariano (District 1), Noning Biel (District 1), Elong Natividad (District 2), Kim Elago (District 2), BG Guingona (District 2), Mike Alavar (District 2), Eddie Saavedra (District 2), VP Elago (District 2), Rommel Agan (District 2), and Percival Ramos (District 2).

The BOC chair said they have partially proclaimed the winners in the council race as the uncanvassed votes may still affect the standing of candidates positioned at the tail end. It is expected to complete the canvassing and proclaim the rest of the winners anytime yesterday. (Hader Glang)

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-1 #2 ElCañon 2013-05-18 08:38
Rampant vote buying done by the Lobregats and I thought Zamboangeños are not for sale. The 7 km radius are where the true voting is, but far flung barangays and the island's vote are all FOR SALE. The JAC/CELSO pickups where seen in and out of Nuñez St Sat & Sun collecting money.
If there were no vote buying, I don't think Celso and his lapdog councillors could have won. Beng on the other hand did win this elections, so congrats ma'm Beng and shame on Celso and his lapdog councillors, they won by CHEATING.
+1 #1 Carlos 2013-05-16 21:37
Congratulation to the good people of Zamboanga for voting intelligently. We would like to mention 2 important observation, 1. The arrogant ambitious, mr. Agan, almost did not make it in the magic 8.( I think he got the last spot, # 8 ). The veteran politician, mr. Cabato, because of his uncalled for comment few days before the election, disrespecting The honorable ms. Beng Climaco and some other factors which leds to a change of hearts of women's voters.... see his political carreer coming to an end pending last canvassing of votes.... Due to alleged voting irregularities in barangay Talugsangay were ms. Nuno resides, full investigation should initiated.... For the sake of justice and to sent a message to all politicians who plan to run for public office in the future that in Zamboanga voting irregularities will not be tolerated..... Mr. Bayot, should start wearing shoes, his antic seems fading..... ARIBA Zamboanga!

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