Hayudini calls on voters of South Ubian to help him for change


National Unity Party (NUP) mayoralty candidate Gamal Hayudini conducted house-to-house visits with local residents and supporters in South Ubian, Tawi-Tawi last week and asked locals to help him to become mayor.

The former military 4th Civil Relations Group  (4th CRG) commander for Western Mindanao has been drumming up support for change in South Ubian, one of the poorest towns and has the most severe form of poverty in the region.

Hayudini asked residents “I am calling all of you to help a leader who has a vision, a drive and a commitment to achieve that vision, and the skills to make it happen.”

According to him, the present mayor who has been serving over a decade already has not seen the problem in South Ubian that needs to be fixed or the goal that needs to be achieved.

“May be they see the problem but they just don’t want to tackle it or they don’t take any step forward that could be taken,” said Hayudini.

Hayudini stressed that development and progress in South Ubian will come when a new leader and his constituents work together. “This we need to adopt because development requires change.”

He also said that delivery of basic services must be a top priority for South Ubian. “The whole issue here is the lack or poor delivery of basic services, even access to basic health care services.”

Hayudini has also other prioirities on his mind if and when elected as mayor:  help the people, uplift their living condition and develop South Ubian.

Aside from that, Hayudini said he is concerned about the future of the people of South Ubian, saying that he is committed to making sure a good education is available to the children.

Hayudini said he’s very disappointed that many people of South Ubian have no livelihood, jobs and still living under poor conditions despite the 15 years rule of his political opponents.

“Nothing much as far as we are concerned that they (incumbent mayor) have done in as far as development is concerned. We are still suffering the lack of water and no development projects to improve the lives of people living in poverty,” Hayudini continued.

Meanwhile, Hayudini called on the people of South Ubian to vote wisely in this May 13 elections and to be vigilant against cheating.

“I ask you to stop voting for people who fail to fulfill their promises and continue to feed you with lies. They did it once, twice, thrice, and they will do this again.

So I call upon each and evryone of you to do things differently by voting wisely and be watchful of election fraud.”



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