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Police serves arrest warrant for Mayor


The local police office yesterday served a warrant of arrest against a town mayor of Sulu in his residence at Newslane, Barangay Baliwasan, this city.

City police director Sr. Supt. Edwin de Ocampo said he instructed the chief of the Detective Management Unit Inspector Albert Alfaro to effect the arrest warrant of Banguigui (formerly Tongkil) Municipal Mayor Abdulwahid Sahidulla; Usman Sahidulla; Sarajs Sahidulla and several others for the crime of Arson under criminal case number 476-25 dated March 22, 2013 issued by Honorable Judge Alsad H. Alfad Jr., presiding judge, Jolo, Sulu Province.

Alfaro said the family of the accused voluntarily accepted the copy of the arrest warrant and allowed the local police to conduct a search within the vicinity but failed to locate the whereabouts of the respondents.

Alfaro said the court recommends no bail bond on the arson case and all the accused will immediately be arrested.

In a phone interview with local press members, Sahidulla cries political harassment as he is aspiring for the gubernatorial position in Sulu Province this coming May 13, 2013 election.

Sahidulla believes that his opponents in politics are behind the alleged black propaganda explaining that the incident transpired last 2007 in Sulu.

“Paano ako nadawit sa caso na arson wala naman ako sa lugar ng pinangyarihan....nandito ako sa Zamboanga City nung natanggap ko and balita,” Sahidulla said.

The Sulu gubernatorial aspirant disclosed that legal remedies have already been taken by his lawyers.

Despite the arrest warrant, Sahidulla said he is not withdrawing from the political race.

He also said their political opponents seemed to be already employing dirty tricks.

By Eugene A. Lasprilla

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