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South Ubian clamors for change, want Hayudini next mayor


Residents in South Ubian in the province of Tawi-Tawi are clamoring for change and rooting retired miliatry colonel Gamal Hayudini to be the next mayor there.

While Hayudini is a neophyte in politics, they admit that most of the residents in South Ubian want change in the area where it lacks the government basic services.

The clamor is seen from the people themselves who brought the matter to Hayudini and committed to support his mayoral bid in South Ubian during the start of 45-day campaign period on Monday.

Hayudini who is former chief of the military’s 4th Civil Relations Group (4th CRG) based at Western Mindanao Command is running under the National Unity Party (NUP). 

NUP was formed by former members of the Lakas Kampi CMD who broke away after internal discontent within the party. It is now part of the Liberal-led coalition in the House of Representatives.

On September 26, 2012, the party held its first national convention, and they support the Team PNoy in the upcoming 2013 elections.

“The main reason why I joined politics in my hometown (South Ubian) is because of the clamor of the common tao there because they want change,” Hayudini said.

South Ubian is a 4th class municipality in the province of Tawi-Tawi, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 27,301 people in 4,748 households.

South Ubian is politically subdivided into 31 barangays. It is one of the poorest municipalities in Tawi-Tawi, where health services is among the priority concerned of local residents since then.

Considering most of the constituents are poor, Hayudini said they cannot afford to go to hospital and have no access to medical services.

According to Hayudini, the people of South Ubian want to enjoy what their neighboring towns benefiting from government such as basic services (water, education and health).

“But this is not happening in my hometown,” Hayudini said. “InshaAllah (in God’s will) if I will make it my priority is the delivery of basic services.”
Hayudini also assured the people in South Ubian of transparency in governance if he will be elected as the new mayor come May 2013 elections.

“If our municipality is beyond other successful municipalities, there is something wrong. A change of leadership is needed,” he said.

He said his experience as former top civil-military officer will enable him to make more contact with top government officials, thereby getting more support for the benefit of South Ubian.

During his stint as commander of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) 4th CRG for Western Mindanao, Hayudini was very active in community outreach activity which focus on serving free medical and dental services as well as giving assorted food stuffs and distributing used clothing to the indigent families.

“I will revive and continue to undertake the activities that I had been doing before in service to the constituents in South Ubian especially in remote places,” Hayudini assured.

Meanwhile, Hayudini admitted he has no experience in politics and said he is joining politics to change the corrupt system in his hometown.

“I can’t forever remain spectator. I need to do something for the good of my fellowmen. I need to change politics in South Ubian. We still have time to change it,” he concluded.

By Hader Glang

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