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Zambo City’s 2012 shooting crimes reach over 180 cases


Zamboanga City’s reported shooting crimes since January of Year 2012 ends with a total of more than 180 death and critically wounded individuals.
Over 100 people were assassinated by these gunshots in a period of 365 days that apparently almost every other day of the past year, a gunshot crime was reported in different barangays.

Reports have shown that even females and minors were victims of these killings. Most of these crimes happened in the Barangays of Recodo, Talon-Talon, Sta. Maria, Ayala, Sta. Catalina, Guiwan, Tetuan and Canelar.

Other Barangays like Limpapa, Vitali, Dita and Sangali have one or two shooting incidents for this year. There are several motives to the killings and unsolved cases were common.

The months of July and October reported the most number of gunshot murder and critically wounded cases. Mostly were victims of gun for hire or riding in tandem crooks. A number of these crimes were executed during broad day light.

An infoboard of the gunshot victims posted by Universidad de Zamboanga caught the attention of the public with various reactions that called on the authorities to address the issue on loose firearms in the city.

The city mayor and the police enforcers were criticized and challenged by the civil groups to keep the city free from gun violence. However, statistics show that the number of gun crimes continue to increase.

As a result, the public put on an assortment of brands for the city akin to Asia’s Latin City of Killings or Asia’s Latin City of Riding in Tandem or Gun for Hire.

Despite prominent victims, a university president, government official, law enforcers and businessmen, the authorities continue to struggle and put an end to the gun violence in the community. Efforts of private groups have been made public yet these kind of lawless elements have become fearless to kill and harm individuals. No one is spared.

Although, the local government unit has done several changes in the local police sector’s leadership and structure, the facts and figures of gun crimes dwell inevitably threatening regardless of these movements in the agency.

The residents of this city beckon a credible peace and order governance, free from any form of violence. The sincere measures of safety and security by the authorities must be at all cause a priority.

As Zamboanga City’s gunshot crimes reach more than 180 for Year 2012, the rest of the Zamboangueños hope to stop counting for victims this Year 2013.

By DJ Cruz

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+1 #1 ibrahim 2013-01-03 15:06
most of the policemen are inutile and inefficient, and many are scalawags. those police patola are good only at chatting and texting while on duty, they are coward, whenever crimes occur, they are the first one to hide and they arrived the crime scenes only when the criminals are nowhere to be found.

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