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66 students of 6 Claret schools join peace camp


Sixty-six  Claretian students gathered at the Bunguaio Eco-Farm for a youth peace camp initiated by the Association of Claret Schools in the Philippines, Inc. (ASCPI) and held from November 26 to 29.

Carrying the theme “Sharing Peace Along the Journey of Faith”, the peace camp was participated in by 19 students from Claret School of Zamboanga, five from Claret School of Lamitan, five from Claret School of Maluso, another five from Claret School of Isabela, 15 from Claret School of Tumahumbong, and 17 from Claret School of Quezon City.

“We in the ASCPI gather claretian students nationwide to have journey towards peace and this is already our program’s fifth year”, said Lexter Solamillo, one of the facilitators. Most of the participants are high school peaceweaver club members but this year, some grade school students from Quezon City were able to participate as well.

The camp started at late in the afternoon on November 26 as the participants assembled for the orientation.  The program proper started on November 27 with Rosie Montojo, a Peace Advocates Zambanga (PAZ) staff as the guest speaker. To start, she asked the students how they define peace and how they can promote it in their own ways. The students came up with different answers like “Peace is living in freedom and harmony” and “Start promoting peace within ourselves and later sharing it to others”.

She also related to them her experiences as a youth peace camper in her early years. She discussed the six paths to peace, namely: dismantling conflict and violence, living in harmony with nature, cultivating inner peace, promoting human rights, living in compassion and justice, and promoting intercultural respect and solidarity.  She connected these to the everyday lives of the students.

Other activities like nature trekking in the rural village and the participation in the Mindanao Week of Peace grand opening peace parade wrapped up their November 28 and 29 schedule. (Ria Razel Zamora/Peace Advocates Zamboanga)

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