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Councilor Cabato joins Jalosjos camp


Councilor Jaime Cabato who earlier took a leave of absence with the Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP) yesterday announced he is joining the camp of ZTZ founder Romeo Jalosjos.

“I am joining the Nonong Jalosjos camp,” says Cabato’s message e-mailed to Zamboanga Today.

The councilor’s statements appeared that he is disgusted being with fellow members who are limited to talk and there is “no action no motion” in the halls of the City Council.

“While this may be a surprise no more; still, a burning desire within me compels that I make the formal announcement myself as this is a product of long and constant discernments these past weeks. And this will chart the probable culminating years of my life in politics, as this is also the only road to the realization of my dream - a dream shared by all Zamboangueños - a Zamboanga that is peaceful, tranquil and orderly,” Cabato who will run for re-election said.

“Fellow Zamboanguenos, by 2013 I shall have been nineteen (19) years in the halls of the City Council. And you can very judge the stuff by which I am moulded. Against no council members ever had I batted an eyelash in all swashbuckling debates, discussions and encounters with the likes of respectable councilor-lawyers Aster Solis, Mando Puno, Asbi Edding, Dodong Cabanlit, Junnie Castillo and Sang Jimenez to name a few. Be that as it may, I still don’t feel I have done much for Zamboanga. What I desire is action and motion, responsibilities that as a regular council member I could never dish out. In the council I am limited to talk, talk and talk. No action, no motion.” Cabato added.

According to Cabato, all he wants is to be Action Officer on Peace and Order as he is sickened with all the shootings and the alarming increase of crime incidents in Zamboanga City that he wants solved.

“In view thereof, I sounded out repeated calls in person, in print and in radio that whosoever candidate agrees to hand me the portfolio as Action Officer on Peace and Order, there I will be by his/her side,” he continued.

The alderman stressed, of the three mayoral bets, one never made any offer. The other had to first consult with two (2) other personalities, who later told him, “Ayuda anay cunele hace gana, y si sintao ya le na puesto despues kame man kuento contigo.”

Fed up with promises and no action he consulted with Jalosjos on the matter who immediately gave in to his desire.

“Jalosjos stood tall over the rest and without batting an eyelash unselfishly pledged to grant my request, Action Officer on Peace and Order.
And that gallant man, having been displaying much earlier the greater will to win, is a pure-breed native Zamboagueño, Romeo G. Jalosjos, likewise displaying decisive traits, qualities of a good mayor, Cabato pointed out.

“Repeat, this decision will chart the probable culminating years of my life in politics and this is the only road to the realization of m dream - a dream shared by all Zamboangueños - a Zamboanga that is peaceful, tranquil and orderly.”

When this is realized, he assured that with the support of the elected Mayor in the company of the Police, the Military and civilian components,  hewill drive all criminals out of Zamboanga.

“By then, the dictum will be, In Zamboanga Only the Peaceful live.”

By Nonong Santiago

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+2 #4 jack 2012-10-06 17:32
Politics it's a political Gamble. Sometimes you are confronted with a decision that will make or break your political career. The pursuit of political ambition VS status quo.In order to come up with the right decision you need to intelligent analize the pros and cons of your decision. Sometimes, its imperative to have wise political consultant in your side to quide you. Good luck to all politician in their quest to reach their political dreams.
0 #3 Jack 2012-10-06 10:10
Mr. Cabato, and the rest who bolted out from their original party and transferred to mr. Jalosjos camp are are playing political rollete. They put their political support and hope to uncertainty. Mr. Jalosjos political fate is in the balance. The comelec law department in manila will determine the eligibility of mr. To run for public office. Considering that fact the the local Election board consider him disqualified to register to vote, it's more likely that the Comelec law department in Manila will not consider his candidacy to run for public office. Common sense dictates, you cannot run if you cannot register and it's stipulated in revised penal code impliedly. And if mr. Jalosjos, is disqualified to run for public office there would be a domino effect in the camp of mr. Jalosjos. From congressional candidate down to councilor. I hope everybody in the camp of mr. Jalosjos has a plan B ready......
0 #2 GoroShiigeno 2012-10-03 13:23
and2 nanaman c mr. LosAngeles based Editor.. mag trashtalked ka nanaman d2? anu ba talaga gusto mo? suntukan? suntukan nalang tayo..
0 #1 John Shinn III 2012-10-03 13:01

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