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Jalosjos forms JR, a non-political org.


Zamboangueños for the Transformation of Zamboanga (ZTZ) founder and mayoralty aspirant Romeo Jalosjos bared yesterday that a non-political organization has been created recently to cater to the youths of Zamboanga City.

In an interview, Jalosjos told local reporters that over 200 students and out-of-school youths from different barangays have already signed up with the Jovenes para Reforma (JR), which he said is apolitical.

The newly-created association aims to help the youngsters and to ensure that the ZTZ 25-agenda will be realized especially in transforming Zamboanga City into one of the most progressive city in Mindanao.

“This young people are looking for ways to help transform the city into a more progressive city in Mindanao. Their intention is to help spread out the words to the other younger generation in all the barangays about the importance of putting the ZTZ 25 point agenda into realization,” Jalosjos said.

Jalosjos said the youth organization has been patterned after the birth of the JR of Dapitan City which stands for Jose Rizal who are committed to follow the ideals of the national hero.

“ZTZ is different from the JR because it is an NGO that calls for the transformation of Zamboanga into a more developed and improved city. This is a bold call by the residents who wants change,” Jalosjos emphasized.

These youths will serve as instruments to help the city succeed and bridge to reality, he said.

The ZTZ founder also disclosed many residents from different communities are piling up wanting to join the organization for reasons they want change.
“To date there are now more than 50,000 people who are registered with the ZTZ and continues to increase everyday. If we only have enough equipment to make IDs we can easily increase by ten-folds in just a short time,” Jalosjos said.

By Nonong Santiago

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