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Received some calls and personal comments to this effect, “Jimmy no holds barred man ditu exposé that read “Shit! Their target is son Jaime Boday. I promise you. Should this madness continue, Cañonaso fires away sooner than believed.”

Their concern is that “No other family fits the description of son Boday’s own partymate detractors.”

Of course, I want them to know that we know. That even their relatives sympathetic to us have told me in my face.

SS repeats then… Beware, my friends turning traitors. Chene Karma hecho carne humano… El Uno Cañonaso.

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Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar said that the 'No lighter policy' in cemeteries during Undas (Tagalog term for All Saints/Souls Day) will be lifted next year.

Next year? Dios mio. No explanation cited. Search me for the answer.

And matches, however, are allowed to a limited number of sticks.

This is confounding. Lighters and matches serve the same purpose. Funny. Only in Zamboanga.

Ah, yes, allegedly, lighters can be used as explosives when exposed to heat or thrown on to a hard surface. Owsss, really.

Try stomping on one with the heel of a leather shoe, you will see its effect. I tried once before. And it did not even hurt a fly, much less stain my shoe. It’s completely harmless. Even lesser in impact than the regular firecracker.

Bewildering even more, Climaco herself shared her difficulty with this prohibition saying, "I myself was a victim... We were not allowed that time to bring our lighters… really impractical… this (in reference to a lighter, of course) is really needed…”

Climaco herself admitted openly, “I myself was a victim… Impractical (the imposition) and (lighters) really needed.”

Yet, now she imposes the restriction, even way beyond All Souls Day - next year it is said.

Wisdom-filled or a “crackered” act?  You tell me.

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Celso yesterday officially turned over the newly constructed two-storey six classroom Talisayan National High School building.

This is simply, part of several other improvements, Lobregat had shared with the barangay dating back to the time he was still the City Mayor until now, Representative of the City’s 1st Dist. Earlier, Lobregat had shared a two-storey building which now stands beside the new one, costing P11,491,809.64.

City School Division Assistant Supt. Julito Fernandez, Talisayan School Principal Mr. Ricardo Ramiro, and GPTA President Pilarito Bautista individually and collectively expressed gratitude to Cong. Lobregat for his continued support to education.

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Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson bared yesterday that his work as a presidential assistant during the Aquino administration to help in the recovery phase of typhoon “Yolanda (Haiyan)’’ was ‘’extremely difficult and many times frustrating… (Due to) the limitations imposed by our own government in all aspects.’’

He was obviously referring to lack of government funding and manpower assistance.

Lack of funds? Whaaaat?

To where did the millions of dollars the USAID (United States Agency for International Development), UNDP (United Nations Development Program), JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) and World Bank, among others, go?

Listening to these woes, we cannot help but ask the same question during the Zamboanga Siege, instantly followed by the Yolanda tail that also hit our city.

Up to now, no audit has been shown in an act of governmental transparency. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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