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Tomorrow is the eve of Nuestra Sra. La Virgen del Pilar Fiesta, and marks the culmination of the Hermosa Festival that starts at 7 am up to early evening.

Expect then a network-less day tomorrow. That, too, may mean an SS-less day, too, for one research work on interesting bits of news may be undertaken. Just keep watch, please.

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The field for vice mayorables is widening. Multi-seated elective local official Erbie A. Fabian – councilor, vice mayor, mayor and congressman, has announced his inclination now to run instead for vice mayor and congressman no more.

And yesterday, Coun Kim Eago has expressed similar desire too..

The total desirees for VM now include Monsi Cris, Jawo Jimenez, Jerry Perez, Mike Alavar, Mel Sadain Pinpin Pareja, Meng Agan, and Bong Atilano.

From behind the lines of Fabian and Elago disclosures, the reading says both are ready to go for it even as independents.

Just how the rest stand on the matter is yet unclear.

But from all indications, if that field goes as it is; with, say one, two or three may back out not wanting to run independent, the field remains at eight or seven. Still loaded. Thus, thru SS appraisals there could likely be a waiting fence-sitter to rise.

Just a hunch. Keep watch.

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Thousands of students in the city’s public schools, reportedly under parents’ intervention, shunned undergoing vaccination for various diseases.

Clearly, the Dengvaxia scare still rises high.

Rightly then, as predicted, Corazon V. Pagotaisidro, City Health Office Immunization Program coordinator, attributed the parents’ decision to the Dengvaxia sham.

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The Duterte-initiated Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) looks going to the right direction - peace. Guns of the  Al-Hadj Murad Ibrahim-led MILF have been silenced.

Now, the MNLF Central Chairman Yusop Jikiri-headed faction has expressed its conformity to the creation of BARMM, the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao during an assembly held in Pasil, Indanan Town,  Sulu on Saturday.

And the meeting was no patsy. It was attended by influential military officials and representatives from the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP), was participated in by thousands of MNLF members from Southwestern Mindanao and Palawan.

Adding greater significance to the gathering is it that it was the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and Malaysia that reportedly facilitates the gathering to “preserve the gains of the peace agreement.”

OIC and Malaysia – whew..! Power blocs in the Muslim world. Pretty sure within that and the Duterte ties, the Nur Misuari-led faction join up. And wisely!

Accordingly, the pow-wow objective is to provide a political solution to the ongoing stalemate between the Moro National Liberation Front and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and harmonize the existing law to favor both groups.

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Duterte sick and dying? Read on. No. While Duterte may be having second thoughts in pursuing his proposed visits to the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, tired of long plane rides, so he explains, by afternoon of the 10th he was to have flown to Bali, Indonesia for a gathering of Southeast Asian leaders.

And after Indonesia, the President is also expected to attend the ASEAN summit in Singapore next month.

Are those movements of a sick and dying man? Definitely not. To you, is he? (By Jimmy Cabato)

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