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At long last the much bannered Investment Management Contract (IMC) between Crown Investment Holdings-DESCO and the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) is approved.

The National Electrification Administration (NEA) has stamped its seal of approval on the deal. Zamcelco Board President Omar Sahi disclosed that they are now simply waiting for NEA’s authorization that will allow Crown and DESCO to take over the troubling electric cooperative any time. And that this may come within the week.

The deal, Sahi said, came after efforts to stop it flopped.

Nicolas Engineering, one of the five participating companies in the IMC bidding, filed for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) seeking to stop the Special General Membership Assembly (SGMA) called to approve the IMC. Luckily, no TRO was issued by the court and the SGMA pushed through.

Sahi said under the Terms of Reference (TOR) of the IMC, the members of the board who were elected by districts will remain intact. Crown Investment Holdings, however, wields the gavel to name its general manager.

And Adelmo Laput, acting manager of Zamcelco and his team that NEA tapped, will be pulled out the moment Crown DESCO takes over the coop.

These in place, let’s keep our fingers crossed that as envisioned, the new management will truly end the miseries coop consumers have long been suffering - extensive power lack (blackouts) despite high cost of bills.

Let’s pray for the best - Zamcelco rises from bankruptcy and lack of energy supply.

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A bill that seeks to protect women from catcalling and other forms of street-based harassment was passed on third and final reading by the Senate Monday.

The measure, entitled “Safe Streets and Public Spaces Act of 2017,’’ seeks to penalize catcalling, wolf-whistling, cursing, leering, groping, persistent requests for name and contact details and the use of words tending to ridicule on the basis of actual or perceived sex, gender expression, or sexual orientation and identity in public spaces.

Opposition Senator Risa Hontiveros, author and chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Women, hailed its passage, calling it “a major push back” against what she called the “growing culture of misogyny and sexism in the country.”

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Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Christopher “Bong” Go, the Duterte top aide, assured the public on Monday that the Chief Executive is not sick.

Notwithstanding Duterte’s own admission that a growth was found in his digestive tract, Go told Palace reporters by phone that the public should not worry because his boss of many years is not sick.

He, however said, it will be up to Duterte to issue or not a medical bulletin to settle the issue once and for all.

There’s nothing, he stressed, the Constitution dictates that if the President is seriously ill, he has to tell the public.

SS repeats, sick or not, is no big deal. For as long as the president can move around in compliance with his mandate, the country is in motion.

If his movements are impaired, just as if his mentality and vocal dispositions are, then that would be a different matter. Someone has to take his place.

Thus far, that is not the case. He is noticed to be the most locally-travelled president ever and his statements are coherent.

Skip that crap. Useless.

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Hopefully, too, this is with finality, having been heralded several times back. The National Food Authority (NFA) will impose a suggested retail price (SRP) for rice effective at the end of October.

Huh, just got a close look, the NFA released statement is, “…NFA will impose a suggested retail price (SRP) for rice.”

See? “…suggested retail price (SRP) for rice.”

My oh my “suggested,” it says. That is no imposition. Is it?

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