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Mayor Climaco- Salazar is not backtracking on her credit-grabbing act claiming she is responsible for the looming national government purchase of the ARMM properties in Cabatangan.

Bluntly Cong. Celso Lobregat has expressed hilarity on the Salazar swirl of claiming credit, amplifying his role on the purchase of the ARMM properties, which would been automatically been turned over to the imminent  creation of the Autonomous Bangsamoro Region (ABR.)

In a recent City Hall statement, Salazar claims to have received the information on the impending sale from Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana after a meeting with congressional representatives and military officials.

Salazar also claimed Lorenzana informed her through a text message that President Rodrigo Duterte has acceded to purchase the Cabatangan properties, allegedly due to her constant pleading.

Ha ha ha.

More believably, Lobregat for his part, clarified that the purchase of the Cabatangan properties was among the proposed priority amendments to the Bangsamoro law which he has succeeded to include in the final BBL form in Congress.

Among the other amendments Lobregat fought for are the holding of only one plebiscite, the issue on territory, contiguity issue, public order and safety, Napolcom, police and military concerns and most particularly the issue on the Cabatangan property.

He said that he was among a small group of congressman who met with President Duterte to bring up the issues and concerns about the proposed Bangsamoro law, which was at the time under discussion.

“Let us give credit (to) where credit is due...” And Lobregat earlier said, the mayor is employing Nazi tactics that “Lies told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

He added, if   Climaco’s is true, this property in Cabatangan should have been bough during the time of Abnoy, to whom she is close, at a time she  even  Deputy Speaker for Mindanao.

Lobregat concluded that he is “LOL” on this credit-grabbing stunt of Climaco.

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When SS and Canionaso returned to being, my wife was adamant in demanding that I mellow in my comments.

Contrary then to my will, I then tried hard to, but apparently ending up ridiculed by seemingly paid hacks of city hall. Thus…

Hello, faceless Jessa, whose full name or is it a fake account, SS has lost track of.

Your master is now getting what you mocked at. You branded my SS and Canionaso commentaries as now “patas.” Now, your boss is getting what you asked for – Canionaso

Patas pa more, para ricibi tu amo canionso some more.

Patas? Hasta alma suyu ase hace yo laslas. (Wind pipe? Your master will get what your mouth spat out.)

Blame you bad mouth, whoever  you are.

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U.S. President Donald Trump sounded optimistic on his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore, predicting it could “work out very nicely.”

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, however, injected a note of caution, saying it remained to be seen whether Kim was sincere about his willingness to denuclearize.

To SS, what is clear is, Kim promised to cancel his full nuclearization program, if one readily remembers. But on surrendering his present arsenal, Kim was silent.

This here stands as proof to  SS point.

Trump is reported to have lowered expectations, backing away from an original demand for North Korea’s swift denuclearization.

He now says the talks would be more about starting a relationship with Kim for a negotiating process that would take more than one summit.

That’s pleasant to the ears. See, the point? (By Jimmy Cabato)

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