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Spirituality is what the PNP must be taught, Gen. Albayalde


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…bring (the children) up in the training and instruction of the Lord… These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children…” (Ephesians 6:4; Deuteronomy 6:6-7, the Holy Bible).


SPIRITUALITY IS WHAT THE PNP MUST BE TAUGHT, GEN. ALBAYALDE: More than the special training approximating the one that members of the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police (PNP) underwent which incoming PNP Director General Oscar Albayalde is proposing for those wishing to become policemen under his tenure, I am suggesting, with due respect, that those being recruited to become PNP members must also be trained on holiness, morality, and spiritually, whatever their religious affiliations maybe.

Although it is greatly desirable if incoming police personnel are rigorously trained on various methods of self-defense, offense strategies, and other aspects of police work, I submit that there would be a much greater advantage in favor of our people if policemen are trained to discharge their duties and responsibilities with some degree of fear and love of God, distaste for wrongful economic gain, and with love and respect for other people.

Many may say that my proposal towards producing godly policemen may produce effeminate and “soft” PNP elements, giving rise to the danger of criminal elements taking advantage of them. But this does not take into consideration the fact that truly godly policemen would be more loyal to God and His commands, and would be disposed to serve more responsibly the citizenry under their respective jurisdictions. They would even be harder to entice by offers from crime, gambling, and drug syndicates.


POLICEMEN WHO FEAR GOD TURN OUT TO BE BETTER POLICEMEN: I apologize if others will disagree with what I am saying here (as I know many will) but I am certain that our people will trust more easily policemen who will display true spirituality by their fear and love of God, by their observing a higher standard of morality when they deal with their fellow policemen, or with their superiors, or with other government workers, and with the public that they are sworn to serve.

If a policeman is vested with fear and love of God (whatever he may call God to be, or whatever perceptions of God he may have), I am convinced that such a policeman would not, under any circumstance, accept even just a centavo from any gambling lord, or from any drug lord, or from other crime syndicates (like gunrunning or kidnap-for ransom syndicates).

It would also be a certainty that this kind of a godly policeman would not readily obey orders of his superiors that are clearly out of line, even if the orders are from officers of much greater ranks. He would also refuse to be tempted by the so-called pleasures of the flesh so that he would avoid collecting wives, avoiding even other vices that would dishonor his uniform, his badge, and his gun. If a policeman truly loves God, he would never do anything that contravenes God’s commands.


POLICEMEN WHO ARE CRIMINALS ARE GODLESS: The problem is, at this point, we can no longer deny that many of those who become policemen lack fear and love of God. This is why we are witnesses to their being rude, abusive, rebellious, corrupt, and resorting to stealing and other criminal acts, on account of their desire to rake in money and more money.

Did not the whole world see, just last month, some cadets of a popular police academy in our country who suddenly ganged up and mauled their fellow cadets who had just graduated? When the cadets-agggressors were asked why, they claimed they were merely trying to even up with the graduating cadets because the graduates caused many hardship for them.

If these kids are of this kind of a mentality while they are still trying to study to become policemen at some future time, what would they be capable of thinking, planning, or doing, after they are allowed to graduate and become police officers? Clearly, the current police curriculum in this school is a big failure when it comes to discipline, morality, and spirituality. It is clear that the school and its administrators failed big time in teaching their cadets with fear and love of God, so that these cadets are now sporting devilish minds and actions. Gen. Albayalde, there is still a way to remedy this. If you wish, you can call me.


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