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Prince Mohammed Bin Salman: Saudi Arabia’s leader to watch


“…you will find the nearest among men in love to the believers (to be) those who say: “We are Christians” because among them priests and monks, and because they are not arrogant. When they listen which has been revealed unto the Messenger you see their eyes overflow with tears because of their recognition of the Truth”

-Holy Qur’an, 5:82-83

“The secret of religion is Love, this is a fundamental truth, Divine Law (rights). The secret of Law is conscience and in a nested fashion. The secret of conscience is love”

-Henry Bayman, the Secret of Islam



HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) as his initials. He is touring the USA which promises some reforms in his kingdom over past repressive version of Islam in Saudi Arabia, the Prince told CBS, “This is not the real Saudi”

Some changes made already by the Prince such as: Saudi women allowed to drive, restoring tolerant, egalitarian society before Saudi Arabia’s ultraconservative were empowered in 1979, the Prince said “We were victims, especially, my generation that suffered from this great deal” the Prince not only allowed women to drive, opened theaters (shattered in 1980s), HRH Prince Mohammed “is turning Saudi Arabia into a normal country in which normal people lead normal lives,” so said, Saudi Foreign Minister Abdel Al Jubir told reporters.

What would be the next bold move the Crown Prince will break, aside from the economic reforms he had started by detaining some high level princes, ministers, military officials and businessmen were abruptly rounded up and detained at the Rixz-Calton Hotel, accused for corruption until the detainees paid settlement that Saudi Arabia said exceeded 106 Billion Dollar.



Many Saudi women who have stayed and educated in the USA and Europe are hoping the good Prince will eventually dismantle the old repressive culture of  forcing the women to wear the “Niqab” (face veil) which has been imitated even by some Muslim women in the Philippines.

If this will be removed in Saudi Arabia, then true freedom is granted to the women of the Muslim world.

According to Muslim women professionals in Morocco, this practice of the “face veil” was copied from the Christian aristocracy before Islam, and from the Persian royalty.

No such thing from Islam, according to the research done by the Moroccan Muslim women professionals.



The death of our two OFW Joanna Demafelis who died in the hands of her employers, who are both Arabs from Lebanon and Syria, the poor Demafelis was placed in a freezer to conceal her death for two years until discovered.

According to some information that some Arabs still believe that when you are doing menial work, you are their slaves!

The ancient practice of slavery are still ingrained in the psyche, but it has nothing to do with Islam. Islam prohibits slavery in all forms. But this practice still persists in Arab society, though, this group is in the minority.

Most Arabs, especially, the rich, influential and those with means are hospitable, kind, courteous, and charitable.

Especially, in the Holy Month of Ramadan where the practice of charity, is on a high gear, those who work for them are showered with many gifts from their employers as reported by many OFWs who worked in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, even in Kuwait, where the murder took place, many Kuwaitis are kind-hearted. If there were and are still exhibiting cruelty to their workers, they are the exceptions to the many good Arabs who are exhibiting the true Islamic noble virtues—“love of one’s fellow human beings”



When Sha’ban enters the Gregorian Calendar (April 17-May 15, 2018)  it means the Month of preparation on the advent of the holiest month in Islam—the Holy Month of Ramadan. This is coupled in the month of Rajab, the month preceding Sha’ban. Rajab is the solemn celebration of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Israah (Night Journey to Jerusalem) and “Miraj” (Ascension to Heaven) on the 27th Night of Rajab.


The Israh Wal Mi’raj: It’s symbolism of the Night Journey which in Arabic is called “Israah” and “Miraj” is ascension to heaven by the Holy Prophet of Islam.

Let’s look at the symbols:

The speed of travel from Mecca to Jerusalem using the celestial beast from paradise “Burraq” was a foretelling event, of speed travel in the future time (our time). In the Prophet’s time, travel by camel by the Arabs from Mecca to Jerusalem took three (3) moths, one way. But at that night it was just a few hours or minutes to reach Masjid Al-Aqsa (Aqsa Mosque), the remnants of Solomon Temple on Temple Mount, Jerusalem.

The second prophecy was the “Miraj” (ascension), was indeed, foretelling that man will one day ascend, never dreamed of before which mankind ascend to outer space using “speed vehicle” while the Holy Prophet had his “Burraq” guided by the Holy Spirit, the Archangel Gabriel and even went further, beyond angelic domain, to the celestial presence of the Creator of the Heavens and Earth and all that exist.

But the most symbolic, according, to Ustz. Wahid Amil, one of our notable Ulama in the region was Muhammad (SAW), the Apostle of Allah, the prince of all the Prophets led as Imam of all the Prophets in prayer at the Al-Aqsa Mosque before his ascension. Accordingly “he was not bringing a sword, but solemnity and peace this symbolizes that Islam teaches nothing but brotherhood and unity and peaceful co-existence among men,” Ustz. Wahid Amil emphasized.

April 13 (27th of Rajab) the Islamic World will once again celebrate the “Israh Wal Miraj”, in remembrance of that Great Night. April 13, 2018 will be a non-working holiday pursuant to PD 1083. (By Ali T. Yacub)###

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