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As we have been saying, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)-Zamboanga Peninsula Director under Lyndon Aspacio has been doing a great deal of a job in their assigned tasks to combat illegal drugs. And PDEA just hauled in the third biggest haul so far in Western Mindanao.

It scored big seizing P5-million worth of illegal drugs, Reg. Dir. Aspacio announced. In the process five drug suspects, including main target, Sahari Sabturani alias Dante Solaiman of the   Kubal Drug Group were nabbed at the parking lot of a hotel in the village of Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City.

It is worthwhile mentioning that while our PDEA here is an achiever, ruefully, elsewhere the same cannot be said. They simply lack the manpower. The Police must sent back to the task in  aid of the number one-designated enforcement agency.

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“Duele?” (Painful?). That’s how Cong. Celso Lobregat easily unleashed a cracking snipe on the yellow allies of Mayor Beng Climaco, as he expressed dismay over what he branded as their unfounded reaction against his move of posting informative tarpaulins in all the infrastructure projects being implemented by the national government in Zamboanga City.

The yellow allies of the Mayor, he sniped, innocently cited provisions of a yet unacted upon Senate Bill 776, known as the “Anti-Epal Bill” filed during the Aquino administration.

Lobregat rightfully spoke on the matter.

Thus legislators questioning his move, should know from whence they speak – from the mouth and not from any other hole, particularly somewhere down. They should know, lawmakers as they are that when a bill or a piece of legislation is not yet passed into law, it holds no water. Allegations versus the Lobregat then are baseless.

He rued, “The minute I decided to put up tarps to let the people know whose project it is, ya man react dayun. Cosa se? Porque, duele canila?” Lobregat asked.

Lobregat further justified his move. Posting of tarpaulins in all national government- funded projects in the city is very informative for the people to be aware that these projects are not locally initiated, Lobregat said.

“Este para sabe el hente cay el national government ta hace este monton del mga proyecto aura na ciudad, para resolva el problema de trapico na fueblo,” porque sila ta sinti duele? imbes alegre sila cay mucho proyekto ta construji aura el govierno nacional na Zamboanga, hay questiona pa sila? cosa clase se?” Lobregat said.

And he struck even further, “Si chene project el city government, hinde ba chene tamen sila tarpaulin ta pone? chene ba quien ya reclama? sila lang ba ta puede pone tarpaulin? Ese si chene ba sila project que visible na publico?” Lobregat asked.

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Whew..! Such brazen a move. Six unidentified armed men forcibly barged inside a downtown bazaar and robbed several pieces of gold jewelries on Sunday morning, the police reported.

Right in the heart it was. Daring.

Chief Insp. Hingming Ladjaali, Police Station 11Investigation Section chief launched a follow-up operation resulting in the recovery of the getaway motorcycle near a hotel at Pilar Street, as well as two jackets, a sweatshirt and a black helmet believed to be owned by the suspects.

Investigators have gathered footages of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras from nearby establishments for use in moving to identify the culprits.

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DXRZ 900-AM of the Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) is still the official dominant Number One AM Radio Station in this city.

This was clearly shown in the recently concluded official survey of the KBP-KANTAR Media in the prime areas of Mindanao.

RMN Zamboanga defeated four other operational AM radio stations in the top 5 ranking.

RMN Station Manager, Joel Sanson said he is overwhelmed with the results, and expressed his gratitude to the good people of this city.

In the same breath, Sanson said that RMN Zamboanga will continue to innovate and maintain broadcast professionalism as how it has delivered in the past years.

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We’re almost over the one full-paged long-sized bond length but can’t help touching on his item even if only with a few lines.

Three more Supreme Court justices are expected to testify against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno in the impeachment hearings before the House committee on justice, the panel chairman said Monday.

Whew..! This could spell the gallows for  the chief justice.

Good. Length reached only five total lines. God bless. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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