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(Beng wants Despalo’s successor as:) “Someone whose integrity is beyond question”


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(IPMR) Councilor Tungkuh Hanapi on Tuesday called on the office of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF)-9 and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)-9, not to make lives more miserable to the Muslim Filipinos who have dreams to work abroad.

HANAPI, during the council’s weekly regular session last Tuesday morning (May 16) urged top officials of these two lead gov’t agencies based in this region, to go easy with their Muslim brothers/sistersyearning to seek their greener pasture overseas, and if need be, simplify their processing works by doing away those unnecessary prerequisites still reportedly mandated of them by these two above-mentioned gov’t agencies.

THE council finally approved a resolution addressed to these two concerned national gov’t agencies with their respective central main headquarters based in Metro Manila. All their listed concerns, suggestions and/or recommendations are to be enumerated and officially listed for inclusion in its supplemental reports to be embodied in the council resolution as unanimously approved by the whole August Body.

“El pasil ta ace gale’ sila dificil, bosing,” na c Bogs pega pa su ladrada..



“I want to have somebody whose integrity is beyond reproach,” Mayor BengClimaco-Salazar assessed her next City Engineer to-be upon retirement of City Engr. Luis Vicente Despalo. Despalo will retire on June 21, his 65th birthday— the civil service commission (CSC)’s mandatory age for retirement from public office/service of any public official/servant, for that matter.

That means by June, right after Engr. Despalo’s retirement, the city will have its newly-appointed City Engineer— of course through the appointing authority of her honor Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar.

If he has his say, the retiring Zamboangueño City Engineer (Despalo) wants somebody as his replacement to come from within their ranks. “Preferably, I want someone as my replacement to come from within (the CEO),” Despalo disclosed when interviewed over the radio yesterday.

Despalo said, it’s the local chief executive’s prerogative to select, being the appointing authority vested on her, to pick someone of her choice— to include any qualified outsider applying for said position.

“Cay tiene dao interesao outsider cunese position, bosing, “ talla ya tamen c Bogs, sabiondo gayot bos siempre.


AS for Dr. Diosdado “Boy” Palacat who, accordingly, prefers to retire this early, and opts month of June as the most fitting period to make his bow from public service, Mayor Beng manifested the same criteria to follow as Palacat’s most ideal successor.  “I need someone to head the City Agriculturist’s office, whose integrity and credibility is beyond question, as well,” The lady mayor emphasized during the weekly City Hall press-con last Monday morning.

Mayor Beng, when asked if she has some bets already in her mind to fill in these two to-be-vacated posts, replied tersely, “No, not yet..”

Man apply ya Nadoo!” c Bogs ta tontya ya tamen cuneste hente de monte.

“Hinde’ qualified se, asta na carabao lang el abilidad de-se!”

Ya ase bisto cun Nado c Ador. Saboteur ste hente, o collaborator baste.. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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