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So, They are Relatives Then…


Barangay eMedia’s field reporter partner Joseph Sozobrado had timely arrived and was able to record video footages, to a vehicular accident (VA) two nights ago—April 19, somewhere in Tetuan. The involved vehicles were both single motorcycles. The impact must be pretty strong because a woman back-rider, from one of the motorcycles, was seen then bending her body in excruciations.

Thankfully, rescuers arrived also right on time, so that those who were injured were quickly ferried then to the nearest hospital. There were damages for sure, as such were over and above of the injuries sustained by the victims. The usual procedure in any VA is the aggrieved party, by his given rights, may complain his erring opposite, or both parties may just simply or amicably settle things amongst themselves, as to avoid further headaches.

With regards to this said accident, the parties later learnt that they are relatives, after all. So, they ended by talking amongst themselves. None filed any charges, whatsoever, to the police. What the latter did was only to document the mishap. Although, there are certain hospital bills which both of the parties would also have to clarify and include them in their private settlements.

Road accidents do not choose who people to affect; they happen impartially to any individual. Probably, the parties were on a hurry, because according to the facts gathered by the police, the impact was quite sudden. Hence, the immediate inference, one of the parties (or even both of them) didn’t somehow notice his incoming opposite. So the unexpected collision.

It was just a luck that no worse harm took place. But sure their supposed destinations were soon forgotten, because each motorcycle was now fallen in the open highway. Accordingly, nearby shops and people close to the incident, did just hear the strong bang of the collision. With regards to the involved vehicles, nobody expected it also.

The highway at that time was already clearer, because it was the nighttime then. The usual La Bella’s traffic, during the daytime, was fully absent, in those moments. But there were still motorists and people around. The injured persons are now recuperating in the hospital. Expectedly, both drivers and their back-riders are presumed to be in complete trauma, as of this time. Yet, life for them will have to continue on.

Often, road accidents in the City happen when traffic congestions are heavier, like on rush hours, but seldom on times where highways everywhere have lesser motorists. Indeed, this kind of situation is not the only single condition, which can fully guarantee an expected accident. As many say, ill-fate is something unbeknown and beyond the knowing of anyone. Thus, it behooves to any motorist to employ extra care once he is behind a wheel.

The involved motorists of the accident didn’t after all know that on that specific time they would meet the collision, let alone that they knew each other as relatives then. Albeit, the second situation helped both of the parties lead to a speedy amicable agreement, amongst themselves.At least, without the greater efforts of the authorities to bring them to the table. Of course, there were expenses involved, as said earlier.

Sometimes, we just wish that there can be no accidents anymore in our streets. What do you think, can they be possible? One guy in sarcasm answered such question; he said, yes it is possible and how—by compelling all motorists not to use their vehicles! His lines make sense though. Short of saying, vehicular accidents are already part and parcel to the daily lives in any metropolis, like Zamboanga City.

Although, a notable statistics are recorded for several times, that there were 0% of road accidents and criminalities amongst any streets in the country, it is when Manny Pacquiao goes to the ring to fight. According to the AFP, even rebels in the South stop their criminalities and kidnapping, when Pacquiao fights.

“A man’s steps are from the LORD; how then can man understand his way? It is a snare to say rashly, ‘It is holy,’ and to reflect only after making vows. A wise king winnows the wicked and drives the wheel over them. The spirit of man is the lamp of the LORD, searching all this innermost parts.” (Prov. 20:24-27, ESV)

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