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A Wheelchair to a Needy Grandma


Recently, Barangay eMedia has endeavored a new literal way to help other people. Thank God, we were able to initially acquire 25 wheelchairs, which means there are yet more to come. Now, these same instruments are really intended to be given away, for any deserving ones. According to the company’s management, Barangay eMedia is only fulfilling its corporate social responsibility to some citizens in our beloved City.

Now, there were two units which were already disposed. The latest one was last Friday—March 17. The recipient was a grandmother, from Putik. She has been an invalid for some time now. According to her niece, the very person who wrote and requested the wheelchair in Barangay eMedia, that there used to be some special moments where her aunt would just sigh, by wishing that she could at least go out—from their house, to breathe fresh air.But because she could not do it, her family would just secretly cry.

Well, not until the same niece heard about the recent program of Barangay eMedia. Thus, she never wasted her time. She wrote and gave the necessary background, plus the actual need of her aunt to Barangay eMedia. It was a divinely appointed moment, because the niece’s request was the very letter which was picked and chosen, to be the beneficiary, last Friday.

Without adieu, Barangay eMedia called up the niece, to inform her about the good news. So a plan of surprise was concocted, by Barangay eMedia and the rest of the family, for the delivery of the wheelchair. Indeed, the grandmother was fully surprised when the team of partner Kap brought to her the wheelchair. Both the grandmother and her family teared-up in joy to see the simple desire of the former met, at last, by an unsuspecting donor.

To cause a needy person smile is a priceless thing. It is the very reason why we ought to help others; not just to parade our capacity, but to simply cause a spontaneous joy to any needy person. Admittedly, the grandmother is already at her sunset moments. We pray though that God may extend more her life. Albeit, the feeling is candidly unexplainable, to see her blessed.

When partner Kap Fred left their residence, the sole lines which the grandmother kept to repeat, before the presence of the team of Barangay eMedia, was that she could go out now and relish again the beauty of creation. Indeed, when everyone heard those humble words, each heart was pricked in an honest conviction.

Every Friday, Barangay eMedia gives away one wheelchair. The mechanics is a staff will receive all requests from the public. This donation has been announced for almost three weeks now. A team in Barangay eMedia will read each request, then it will qualify to who is the needier beneficiary. When an individual is chosen, earlier, then exactly on the upcoming Friday, a wheelchair will be delivered to him personally.

So far, literally dozens of text messages and actual letters do arrive to our station daily. Notwithstanding, we only have initial 25 wheelchairs, thus we just can give in our own limited way, as to be depending on the circumstance and the needs of the would-be recipient. Inasmuch, we would want to give each letter sender or texter his request. Anyways, if you may help for better provisions from the almighty, such can be possible.

Baranggay eMedia believes in the principle of mercy. We ought to show mercy to the needy. Current affairs and public service also includes help to the needy. The truth is, there are benefactors of these wheelchairs. In fact, Barangay eMedia is only a vehicle in their distribution. There are actual donors of them, who as well do not want their names to be acknowledged publicly. All they want is to see a needy person is helped.

“Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment. A fool takes no pleasure in understanding,but only in expressing his opinion. When wickedness comes, contempt comes also,and with dishonor comes disgrace.The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters;the fountain of wisdom is a bubbling brook. It is not good to be partial tothe wickedor to deprive the righteous of justice.” (Prov. 18:1-5, ESV)

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