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Sprocket Gang


Today is already the third day, where Barangay eMedia cannot avoid but to openly discuss that fateful situation which took place,in an abandoned house, at Putik last Monday. Apparently, such is now broadly known everywhere, as a sort of an infamy amongst our local youths, so much so that the CSWD itself had alreadyintervened, to address it professionally. Expectedly, the CSWD will also meet the school’s parents to where those 4 girls, as involved in that alleged group sex, are enrolled.

With regards to the 3 boys in such sensual grouping, it was learnt that they are members to this notorious and renowned local gang which they call themselves as the sprocket gang. Now, each member is expected to be really tough and owns an improvised weapon—with such a sprocket of a bicycle used by themas the attack blade, against any of their opponents.

According to the police, this gang strictly admits high school students and out-of-school youths all over the City, and mostly from our public national high schools. They also have a sort of initiation, to wit—the new recruit is pushed to undergo a gang ramble, as in literally they will be commissioned by the regulars to engage an open brawl with any opposing groups.

When the recruit is hurt and is able to also hurt others, then he is accepted to the gang as a tough regular member. Few weeks ago, the local officials of Taluksangay did discover and apprehend also a number of some members of this group in their place. City Councilor LilibethNuño-Veloso said that those teens are from the Taluksangay National High School.

Indeed, with this new development, such has raised serious concerns amongst our parents in La Bella, and that to include as well the police. Imagine, these kids are already capable to harm persons and properties. Those three boys who were caught in alleged”group sex” inside that abandon house in Putik are regular members of the gang.

Imagine this, while they abused those 13-15 year old girls, they also had their sprocket weapons laid in the side of the house’s wall, as something which could imply that they were also ready to engage or fight anytime. Where do you think these minors, 15-17 year old boys, got the idea to become war-freak? The combination of their promiscuity and violence are such a horrifying reality, which candidly have awakened all the stakeholders in the City.

Probably, the parents of these kids are unaware to what the latter are involved with. Of course, no parents in their right minds may encourage or teach their children to be violent and willing to hurt others. Based onto the testimonies which the police gathered, the sprocket gang is an organized group of teens who long for tough recognitions.

In fact, amongst the boys all over in La Bella’s public national high school, at the mention of this particular gang, it always leaves a fearsome impression to their minds that such individuals are quite superior and do have even the tendency to suppress anyone, which may cross their paths, or theysimply hate.

We all know that inside the soul of any youth exists an actual hunger of recognition, especially when he comes from a dysfunctional background. One good example is when a family has an absentee parent; another, when a child grows up withadrunk and anabusivefather who beats nightly his wife, and such is seen openly by the child.

Apprehended members of the sprocket gang were interviewed by the police. Each of their background mostly confirms that they indeed come from families with different crises. Thus, all of them lust for revenge and control. The abuse of the internet was also identified by the authorities as part of the very reason which helped turned this young kids to be monstrous.

By all means, the State must intervene now! Else, things could be late already, so that these same youths may later evolve to become notorious criminals. It is easy to presume that illegal drugs are also probably used by these wayward youths. After those sprocket gang members were apprehended, the police could not do anything more, but to simply turn them over to the DSWD, because the former are still minors. Indeed, they must undergo a proper counselling and the necessary legal process to help them reform.

“A rebuke goes deeper into a man of understandingthan a hundred blows into a fool.An evil man seeks only rebellion,and a cruel messenger will be sent against him.Let a man meet ca she-bear robbed of her cubsrather than a fool in his folly.If anyone returns evil for good,evil will not depart from his house.” (Prov. 17:10-13, ESV)

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