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UZ President Arturo Eustaquio III laid to rest


Murdered Universidad de Zamboanga (UZ) president Arturo F. Eustaquio III was laid to rest in Islamic practice and tradition yesterday at the university's College of Agriculture in Barangay Pasonanca, as his family's close friends demand for justice.
Archie, as he is called by friends and named Hadji Ammar when he converted to Islam, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen riding on a motorcycle near his home along Maestra Vicenta St. in Barangay Sta. Maria shortly after noon Sunday.

Before his burial at UZ's 100-hectare agriculture school, relatives, friends, students, teachers, local private and government leaders paid
their last respects to Archie who was placed for several hours until 9:00 a.m. inside the Summit Center in Barangay Tetuan.
Archie, the second to the youngest of seven children of the late Engineer Arturo F. Eustaquio, Sr., Zamboanga A.E. Colleges' founder, was described as a brilliant strategist, an avid sports lover, pragmatic yet a decisive decision maker.

"His perspective was far-ranging and he was always supportive to any task or purpose that will redound to the common welfare," wrote Debbie
Balingcos, editor-in-chief of Mindanao Milestone, in her feature story entitled "The only way is to go forward."
For his brother Charlie, "We're not that close, as I am close with the other brothers because he has different activities, but as a
brother, he is okay. there is no doubt about it...during his childhood we did not spend so much time together..."

Prof. Elbert Atilano, head of UZ's Zamboanga Management Committee – Institute of Human Kinetics and a long time friend of Archie, described the late UZ president as a type of boss who is cool. "I never heard him raise his voice to us. He was very mild...if you commit wrong, he will just tell you do it better next time," he said.

Asked his feelings about the death of his friend, Atilano said "Of course, justice and find out who is really behind my best friend's murder because he is a type of person that has no enemy."
Charlie shared the same feelings, but asked people to leave the issue to authorities. "Let's not give additional problem to them...Let's give
them a free hand to do what they have to do...I am not going to demand for anything because we already know that here in Zamboanga, incidents are not can you make that kind of demand?

He also said that he was shocked and surprised when he heard the bad news about Archie. "I didn't expect anything like this will happen
to him or any member of the family because it's very violent."

"Who would think this thing will happen to any member of our family? We grew up here in Zamboanga. We know how to deal with the people in
the community. We know how we will come in. If there is any problem, we know how to deal with the people," he said.

He also confirmed an information that prior to incident, he heard from some people who are close to his brother talking about the death
threat against his brother. "I don't know whether this is true or not. I have been hearing that kind of threat. I was just informed about it
but there is no way for me to verify it..I'm not sure.."

Close friends of Archie recalled his legacy, such as the conversion of ZAEC into Universidad de Zamboanga and the construction of the Summit Center, hospital and college of agriculture in the city, as well as in Ipil town and Pagadian City.

Councilor Mel sadain condemned the killing and expressed disgust over the concerned authorities' inability to solve unabated crimes in the city. "It's really a shame to be sitting as chair of the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) when the unabated and unresolved killings are happening right in the city where he came and seats as the chair of the City Peace and Order Council (CPOC) city nga walang magawa, sa region pa kaya?" the alderman said in a text message.

Councilor Jawo Jimenez called for the resignation of Mayor Celso Lobregat saying he is appealing as a father and not as a city councilor.
The family and relatives of the late UZ president asked for calm and understanding as they mourn Archie's death.

by: Hader Glang

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+1 #4 mario 2012-04-07 17:54
The city mayor has given priority and is working to resolved the peace and order crises in zamboanga city. A year ago 250 police personnel was added to police force. De ocampo was relieved gen. Yanga took over as OIC. A new director will be appointed soon. The cctv opposition proposal was taken into consideration and it will be installled soon, even though it would not deter crimes because a determined killer will just find some other location that does not have cctv to eliminate his target. . While the mayor is trying to solved the peace and order crises. The opposition are busy trying to score political points. The mayor and the police force could only do so much. The support of the business, religious sectors and the general populace is paramount to the resolution of the peace and order crises in the city.
+1 #3 Red curry 2012-04-06 13:10
I agree with the opposition councilors, the ability to greatly solve this peace and order crisis lies in our city mayor. Time and time again, he has shown where his priority is... beautification projects. Why did he prioritize building 2 dancing fountains in Zamboanga over cctv cameras proposed by the opposition? It is the mayor who has the authority to prioritize peace and order, sign for it's budget, choose who our police chief is, and determine how many police will be needed. For 9 years our city has been neglected, time to change our mayor.
-3 #2 Mario 2012-04-03 23:40
The opposition councilors are trying to score political points at every level. Instead of trying to find solution to the current peace and order condition in Zamboanga city they wasted there time politicking. Mr. Sadain, mr. Jimenes and mr. Agan it is your responsibility as it is the responsibility of mayor lobregat , the police force, the business sector and the public in general to promote and maintained peace . In unity there is strength in strength there lies the success. If you want to served your constituent as you are mandated, you need to put politics aside, Support the administration and the law enforcement agencies in the resolution of the peace and order crisis in the city. Most if not all killings in the city appears to be personal in nature. So, basically, the victim knew the suspect or suspects. In such a case, the family/friends of the victim if they want to see justice, they need to cooperate with the authorities concerned...... .
+3 #1 ibrahim 2012-04-03 21:57
PNP is so inutile and inefficient, for the record, most of the criminal activities that happened are perpetrated by men in uniform, it is very disappointing that PNP members are suppose to protect the people but instead they are the one who breaks the law. and worst they are not punish. the PNP must change their system of protecting and covering up of their own(scalawags). PNP is useless if it cannot displine its own police force. its also stupid that few of the scalawags are punish.

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