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Shoppers' employees join City Hall flag ceremony


Hundreds of Shoppers' chain of stores employees joined Mayor Celso Lobregat during the flag raising ceremony yesterday at the City Hall. 

The employees came from Shoppers' Plaza, Shoppers' Center the Gateway, Shoppers' Emporium, Shoppers' Central, and Shoppers' Square.

After the flag ceremony, a representative of the employees personally thanked the mayor for intervening in the situation after the Shoppers' chain of stores was padlocked by the Bureau of Internal Revenue IX (BIR) last Wednesday.

The five Shoppers' stores are now open after the lifting of the closure order.

Lobregat said, “the closure order has been lifted and we like to thank the BIR in the sense they have accepted the initial payment of P5 Million and the request of shoppers through this initial payment that the closure order will be lifted.”

The mayor explained that he only intervened because of the plight of the employees and not about the problem of the Shoppers' chain of stores with the BIR.

The owner of the department stores, according to Lobregat, has initially paid an amount to the BIR and they are asking for a recomputation and reconsideration on the total amount.

The mayor appealed to the businessmen to pay their taxes. “My appeal for the businessmen is to pay the proper taxes so they will not get into a situation like this.”

According to Lobregat, the employees of the Shoppers' will be paid from Wednesday to Sunday.  “We asked the management if they could come up with a scheme wherein the employers will not follow the no work no pay, and we get the shoppers group of company to commit that from the time of closure up to Sunday, the employees will get paid.”

The closure of the five stores according to the mayor did not affect the economy of the city since the purchasing power of the employees was not diminished because of the full payment of salaries even if the employees did not work.

Meanwhile, one of the employees of Shoppers Square for 16 years, Engracia Benigno said they were worried that they might loose their jobs. She thanked Mayor Lobregat and Congresswoman Beng Climaco for helping them.

The employee added that they really have no idea about the problem of the company with the BIR.

By R.G. A A. Go

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0 #2 Angelo 2011-09-14 23:26
Juana, if you any issues with your imployer, if you think your employer violated labor laws, if you have evidence to proof your allegations. The best thing to do is thru a lawyer you could write an official letter to DOLE cc it mayors office, and other related agencies, stating your specific complaints with some evidences to proof your claimed. So, that proper investigation will be initiated. Do it thru proper channeling. The mayors office is not equip with the legal ammunition to go after this alleged companies violating labor laws.... People of Zamboanga the city mayors office is not the office of superman. That every problem you have you go directly to the mayor. You have your barangay officials, city officials, and governmentally agencies that' s in a good position to address your concerned. There is such thing as delegation of responsibilitie s in any organization such as government institution. Thanks
0 #1 Juana Rebolusionista 2011-09-14 11:22
That's not enough, mayor! necesita tambien escucha el sitwasyon del mga empleyado con esos mga establisimiento s cay tiene li maga empleyado at least dos años ya ta trabaha, underemployed lang siempre y nway beneficio como philhealth, pag-ibig y sss as required by law.

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