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Disease of patients at ZCMC remains a mystery


Doctors at the Zamboanga City Medical Center remain uncertain as to the true cause of the disease that has afflicted sixteen residents from barangay Mantibu, Sibuco Zamboanga del Norte who are now confined in this medical facility.

Hospital PIO Dr. Maribel O. Felisario disclosed there are four females and 12 males, 19 years old is the youngest and 49 is the oldest who have been confined in the said hospital since last week.

Felisario said the primary consideration is that the victims could have been exposed to something such as toxins from marine food, sea weeds, water, heavy metal poisoning. But they cannot give the exact findings until the laboratory test results from Manila will arrive.

The common complaints of the victims are numbness in the lower extremities like the legs, swollen of the feet, sensory deficit in the feet, weakness to stand on two feet and other symptoms, all in the lower extremities.

Toxicologist Dr. Aeesha Pingli said she really has to rely on the results of laboratory tests from the blood, urine, feces samples including the food taken by the victims to be able to identify the cause of the disease.

“So far many of them are recuperating from the medicines we have administered,” Pingli said.

Meanwhile, Sibuco Municipal Mayor Norbi Edding Jr. confirmed four residents in the said barrio have already died.

“Two females, one male and a minor have already died, but I do not know if the cause of their death is related to this incident,” Edding said.

He said it was through his Municipal Health Office that he knew about the incident and immediately rushed the victims to Zamboanga City for treatment.
According to Edding, medical expenses incurred by the victims will be shouldered by the local government.

He has coordinated with the Department of Health for the conduct of medical mission in the said community within the week.

One of the patients, Pantera Najal, 42, confirmed a certain Hajiban Abdurahman, her neighbor, died due to the disease.

By Nonong Santiago

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