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Police, TFZ conduct saturation drive in Recodo


The Police Station 9 together with the Task Force Zamboanga conducted a saturation drive after the confiscation of two high powered firearms and several ammunitions inside the house of the suspect in a shooting incident in Barangay Recodo last Monday morning. 

Ayala Police station commander, P/Supt. Hado Edding said, “this is in response to what happened yesterday.”

During the saturation drive, the policemen and the soldiers went house to house to personally talk to the residents stressing “your police are here to protect”.

Edding said they heard indiscriminate firing in the area which prompted the police to conduct further inspection.

With the confiscation of the two high powered firearms and several ammunitions earlier, Edding said, “I presume that there are still loose firearms in the area.”

On Monday, Mukzsajar Andami, 21, a resident of Purok 7, Barangay Recodo was shot to death by Margani Samla also known as “Binladen”. During a follow-up operation on the incident by the police in the house of the suspect, they found several guns and other items including M-14 rifle, M-4 type M16 rifle, bipod, two fragmentation grenades, handheld radios, six ammunitions of M203, holsters, water container, M16 magazines, rifle grenade ammunition and several ammunitions of M16.

The police are set to file a case of illegal possession of firearms and ammunitions and other charges against the suspect.

By R.G. A A. Go

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