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Lobregat to Western Peninsula: What are the conditions to join group?


There is a possibility for Zamboanga City to join the so called Western Peninsula group but Mayor Celso Lobregat wants the leaders of the bloc to make clear if there are conditions or not.

"If the condition is for Zamboanga City to give up the regional center, then definitely I don't want to be part of that group," Lobregat declared.

Lobregat said Zamboanga City is not alone because it is part of Region 9 and there are avenues like the Regional Development Council (RDC) where to reiterate, establsih its position and to ventilate its problems.

The mayor said he is for the progress not only of Zamboanga City, Region 9, Mindanao but all the cities and provinces in the country as a whole.

"I believe we should all be united and work in one direction for the progress of Mindanao," Lobregat stressed.

Asked if the Western Peninsula leaders are ganging up on him by not including Zamboanga City in the group,"definitely I don't feel that way. I was nominated as RDC chair but was not appointed but I am not sourgraping."  

Lobregat said "I also have questions to ask and need answers like 1) Does Zamboanga City has to give up its desire or move to retain the regional offices and 2) It was admitted over the radio some of our opposition councilors were there, whether it is before or after the formation of the bloc it opens up to more questions because if they were there, why don't they speak up?" The chief executive said he learned that former vice mayor Mannix Dalipe, former councilor Kim Elago, Councilors Rommel Agan, Rudy Bayot, Jawo Jimenez, Jihan Edding and Mel Sadain met with former Zamboanga del Norte congressman Romeo Jalosjos and so he questioned if the meeting is also the formation of a political bloc.

"There are many questions that are left unanswered. You may ask the leaders of the Western Peninsula bloc," Lobregat told the local media.

By Nonong Santiago

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-2 #1 pam 2011-01-19 17:05
:-* si quiere el western mindanao bloc invita col celso era ya hace ya sila. claro man cay no quiere sila con lobregat. ahora ta impone si celso que aclara el condiciones. hindi sos maga perito consejales del mi la bella. aguy. que horor! :sad:

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