New TFZ chief vows to carry on predecessors’ legacy


Newly-assumed Task Force Zamboangga Commander Col. Glenn Macasero pledged to continue the good legacy being established by the past commanders of the said military command here in Zamboanga City.

Macasero took the post as the new TFZ chief last Friday(Oct.25) from his classmate Col. Buenaventura Pascual who was designated to higher command as the new commander of the 1003rd Brigade in Davao yesterday.

The official said that he will also maintain the status quo on the operational plans and programs left behind by his predecessor as he is still familiarizing his new post here in Zamboanga City.

Known for his gallantry and good leadership in his previously handled military commands in the Philippine Army, Col. Macasero is a hands-on commander who is inclined into innovations and adoption of military strategies which will truly nurture the progress and development of his designated military unit.

Macasero appealed to the officers and men of TFZ, including the Zamboangeños to bear with him in his new management as he expects their cooperation in his new leadership.

A graduate of PMA Class 1984 Col. Glenn Macasero has been assigned to various military units all over the country and recently left the Army’s 101st Brigade before his assumption as commander last Friday in Camp Arturo Enrile,Malagutay which is the homebase of Task Force Zamboanga.

By Bhong Simbajon

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0 #2 curacha 2012-11-04 14:49
I meant Col. Macasero - who I heard is an outsanding commander and think outside the box when dealing with situations.
0 #1 curacha 2012-11-04 14:48
I hope Col. Masero would change his mind and not continue his predessors legacy which is incapable of safeguarding ZC.

Sir, do what you think is right and the people of ZC will support you 101%.

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