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Owner of ‘Kabang’ sad over her cancer


The owner of ‘Kabang’ or the Hero Dog yesterday afternoon expressed sadness upon learning his pet is suffering from cancer and has heartworm.
In an interview, Rudy Bunggal hoped the veterinarians at the University of California of Veterinary Medicine, where the dog was taken, can cure her disease.

Asked what he will do in case Kabang will eventually die in the US because of the illness, Bunggal quickly said “wrap her in a package and send her home to me and I will bury her so I can still remember our days when we were together.”

The vulcanizer showed GMA the burly five-month puppy of Kabang which he named J.R. and the compressor machine stating these things are now the only reminders left by Kabang whose trip to the US for the operation will last between three to six months.

It will be recalled, Kabang got the “Hero Dog” moniker when it saved two children from an accident in the evening of last December 2011.

Dina Dianching, 11, and her cousin Princess 2, where traversing the road when they were nearly bumped by a speeding motorcycle but aware of the danger, Kabang jumped on the motorcycle as if trying to push the vehicle away from harming the two children however, her snout (nose) was severed when it was caught by the rotating rollers.

An animal welfare group and Team Kabang led by Dr. Anton Lim raised the needed funds for the canine’s trip to the US with the purpose of covering the dog’s open wound.

“Doctors in the US will not exactly try to put the snout back but to skin graft to cover her wound so that Kabang will not anymore take antibiotics everyday. Because if she will take antibiotics for longer period of time this will affect her life,” Lim in an earlier interview disclosed.

Bunggal said he expects the operation will be successful and expressed hope Kabang will be back in his arms soon.

By Nonong Santiago

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