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The political transformation of Alma Moreno: from showbiz to politics


People are particularly attracted to the historical love-life of Alma Moreno. But more than that, we ma be most interested in her public service-career.

Aside for her political struggle as Parañaque City Councilor, Alma, as she is fondly called, conceded to have been greatly convinced to take a higher calling in public service.

Her peers in the entertainment industry have missed her, even teasing her to leave the more complex political life and return to the industry for good.

But Alma set aside the tempting and lucrative offers in the entertainment world, and rather went on to step into the thorny political arena.

Yet, it wasn't in her volition to climb to various higher positions in one of the largest government leagues in the Philippine Republic, the 17-strong Philippine Councilors League (PCL), which she served as National Secretary General, National Executive Vice President, and currently the National President.

Alma, the first ever lady local legislator elected to the PCL Presidency in its 20-year history, took her challenging new role by heart, barnstorming even the smaller provinces from ARMM to Ilocos, defying the risk of possible land, sea and air tragedies.

In her only 2-year PCL presidency, Alma has unified the general membership and consolidated its resources to institute needed reforms.

Recently, the PCL has established its own Academy--the PCL Legislative Academy with the 1st Batch of more than 600 politicians enrolled (Alma is one), mostly councilors from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will earn either a Baccalaureate or a Master's degree by June 30, 2012 thru customized modular programs.

The PCL has just also succeeded in lobbying before Congress the Civil Service Eligibility LAw for the local legislators, dubbed as RA 10156 signed by President Benigno Aquino III on December 20, 2011.

With the purchase od additional vehicles, PCL is affording the councilors their transport needs while doing official business in Metro Manila.

The 3-storey PCL Hostel in Las Piñas City is renovated to house especially councilors and other politicians from the provinces who can't afford higher hotel fees and charges.

The few but concrete achievements of the PCL under the 2-year AlmaMoreno presidency has provento all and sundry that Alma is capable of expanding her political interest nationwide in the name of public service.

She has met a lot of people in the grassroots after silently attending PCL activities in almosty all provinces of the country.

When asked if she will run for the sentae to represent the local legislators, Alma quipped that if given the chance, whe will surely not only represent the councilors to the national government, particularly national legislature, but as welll as the various constituencies of the councilors--the people in the grassroots.

Alma, also called as 'Ina ng Bayan' had seven children whom she had been supporting in their pursuit for education and personal career amid all her personal and political challenges in life.

"I give almost all what I have just to support all my children for their education and career development -- for their future. So, it's all for my children first, never mind my own material needs," Alma said.

With most of her children having their own personal career, Alma said "I can now devote more of my time to public service."

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