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Lovely Vanesa Cyra turns 18


Turning 18 and being a debutante, is one of every girls dream. And for the beautiful VANESA CYRA COFREROS VILLANUEVA, that dream became a reality last Sunday, February 22, 2015  when she celebrated her 18th birthday with a Coming Out party at the newly constructed ROYCE CONVENTION CENTER of GRAND ASTORIA HOTEL.

The birthday celebration introducing VANESA CYRA to adult society was a gift from loving parents RUSEL and EMELYN VILLANUEVA. VANESA’s mom EMELYN works in Riyadh as a Nurse.

VANESA CYRA is a 2ND year college student of Ateneo de Zamboanga University taking up Business Management. Her elementary and secondary schooling were at  United Arab Emirates (UAE).

VANESA CYRA dreams of going and working in Paris, that’s  why her birthday theme was the EIFFEL TOWER which was the decoration in her three layers fondant cake and the back draft of the stage.

Friends, classmates, relatives, aunts and uncles , cousins, neighbors and high school Batchmates of the debutante mom from Zamboanga City High School were around to help her celebrate her most special day.

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