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A birthday bash for Ñora Anselma


The SERRA children gathered at the residence of CESAR and MA. VICENTITA SERRA ORONAN at GALVEZ Drive in  Santa Maria last Wednesday, March 11, 2015.

The reason for the get together with the family, relatives and friends was to celebrate a milestone in the life of Ñora ANSELMA, the family matriarch who marked her 91st birthday.

The birthday celebrator Ñora ANSELMA ATILANO VDA. DE SERRA is the wife of the late ANDRONICO MACANSANTOS SEERA. She is a former Barangay Health Worker of Sto. Ñino who is so active in Social Work and is known to the residents there as the “kind hearted woman” who shares her blessings to the less fortunate not matter how big or small it is.

She is a caring mother of nine children – the late EDWIN SERRA, GRACE SERRA who is married to a retired Navy Officer WALLY GAERLAN, ANDRONICO SERRA, JR., RAQUEL SERRA PAYNE who is based in Queensland, Australia, JUDITH SERRA –BRUNO, our colleague in media ESTER SERRA DOROTEO, SOCORRO SERRA-LOZANO,  PILARDO SERRA and MA. VICENTITA ORONAN who is married to CESAR  jeweler.

The birthday motif is green and was carried out from the decorations, to the color of the cake, her outfit and even her sandals.

During the celebration she personally entertained her guests and well-wishers most especially her grand children and great grand children which she loves so much.

As she blew the candles in her birthday cake the well wishers and her children  expressed their wishes for more birthdays to celebrate, for God to give her good health always and that she stay happy  and contented.

To Ñora ANSELMA thank you for inviting me to your celebration of life. God bless you always. 

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