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Get to know FRIO, the all Zamboangueño band


FRIO is an alternative rock band based in Quezon City, Philippines. The band is currently composed of five members: Christopher Sison (vocals), Archie Lim (Lead Guitar), Christian Quiambao (Rhythm Guitar), Raz Itum (Bass), and Marwin Salazar (Drums).

The band is known for its hit-song “Alive” and “Hanggang Dito Na Lang.” The former line-up includes three more original members, who left the group around mid-2007. Mark Alain. To date, FRIO holds eight chart-hitting radio singles, a soap opera soundtrack, and five music video releases.

In 2011, the band received nominations for Best Duo/Group Artist, Rock Artist of the Year and Rock Album of the Year in the 3rd PMPC Star Awards for Music. In 2008 they were chosen as the People’s Choice Awardee for Most Outstanding All-Male Band History.

Formed in 2003 and formerly known as Euphonix, the band started playing in local bars and venues’ within Zamboanga City. In 2004, they won several band competitions, noteworthy of which were runner- up positions for the SMB Jingaling Contest Regional Finals and RX Band Breakout. Soon after, demo recording began with the future hit “Alive.” At that time, the OPM rock scene saw a significant resurgence, and some of the band’s demo singles gained local airplay. By early 2006, the band found its way to Metro Manila and commercially released its first full-length album under Alpha Records. The name was subsequently changed to FRIO, which means “cold” in the Chavacano language.

FRIO (2006)
Released under Alpha Records, FRIO’s self-titled debut album contains 10 tracks, three of which were massive radio hits. The carrier single “Alive” became the band’s trademark song and was used as soundtrack in several TV shows, notably Pinoy Big Brother, Season 1 and Your  all under ABS-CBN. The song peaked at number one in several radio charts all over the Philippines, and soon after, “Could Have Been,” the second single, followed suit. FRIO was nominated as “Breakthrough Artist” alongside bands Pupil, Callalily and Itchyworms in the 2006 SOP Music Awards. In the same year, “Alive” was awarded the 7th spot in the ASAP Yearend Countdown.

Sana Maulit Muli Soundtrack Compilation (2007)
Gaining prominence in the Philippine music scene, FRIO was chosen to contribute a song to ABS-CBN’s hit primetime soap opera’’ starred by Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. This resulted to the production of the duet-ballad single “Hiling,” which also peaked at number one in provincial radio stations. With songs from Gary Valenciano, True Faith, Silent Sanctuary, Six-Part Invention, and many other Filipino artists, the resulting “Sana Maulit Muli Soundtrack” compilation under Star Records reached Gold Record status the following year.

Reformation and Comeback
After the departure of its three members, FRIO reformed and took a more alternative QPM direction.

From 2008 to 2010, the quintet has independently produced several demo-singles and continued to tour the Philippines. FRIO supported headlining acts such as Bamboo, 6Cyclemind, and Rocksteddy, among others, during the course of their touring. By mid-2010 and after nearly three years of media hiatus, FRIO released its comeback single “Hanggang Dito Na Lang,” which paved the way for a yet another chart-hitting and mass-oriented album.

Overboard (2011)
The country soon took notice of “Hanggang Dito Na Lang,” which was limitedly released by FRIO. This led to the production of the band’s second 10-track album “Overboard,” distributed by Synergy Music.

Within weeks, “Hanggang Dito Na Lang” peaked at number one in several radio charts, and its music video charted at #7 in Pinoy MYX Countdown. The second single “Nag-iisa” was released in February 2011 and its music video also charted on MYX. FRIO’s third single “Amen” currently holds its longest heavily-rotated airplay on Love Radio and YesFM for about 14 months. As of press time, FRIO has.

Released its fast-paced fourth single entitled “Nakapagtataka,” and music video production has already commenced.

Tour and Promotion
Since its commercial release in the Philippine music industry, FRIO has played in more than 50 provinces and hundreds of cities and municipalities nationwide. It has participated in the following tours and events:• Cossack Vodka Slamrock Tour (2006)•  Tanduay Rhum Rockfest (2006-2007)TM Astigfest Nationwide Tour (2008-2010)• Yamaha Fiesta Tour (2009-2010)•  Manila Beer Nationwide Concert Tour (2010-present)•  Siakol and FRIO Pilipinas Rakenrol Concert Tour (2010-present)
•  Radyo? Dalawa Lang Yan! The Concert Series (2011-present)

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0 #1 hitokirihoshi 2012-11-20 11:28
I hope they continue doing and spreading their music here. Their style is different to what we already have here in Manila.

More power Frio!

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